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Welcome back everyone, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my thoughts on this series so far. We’re not yet halfway through the series so there is plenty more to come! This weeks book has moved to a new location and for good reason. This book is set not long after Katrina hit New Orleans, effectively making the city a ghost town. For me, I read these novels in 2009/2010 for the first time so I was a bit confused about the change of location initially until I was reminded that Katrina had occurred just before this book was set.

Anyway, onto the story! We’re located in Seattle for this story and we’re following Susan and Ravyn. Susan is a disgraced reporter who hates her deadbeat job and is desperate to get back into the REAL world of journalism again and will do just about anything to get back into that world that she loves. Ravyn on the other hand is an outcast in the Dark Hunter world kinda like Zarek was but not quite AS bad as Zarek.

In this story Susan is unexpectedly forced into taking Ravyn home by a friend even though she’s allergic to him. Ravyn on the other hand was pretty damned happy to get out of the pound that he’s stuck in. That’s right, you read that correctly. Ravyn is stuck in a pound when Susan takes him home. Ravyn being a typical male get caught in cat form (did I mention he’s a Were Hunter turned Dark Hunter who’s kept his shape-shifting ability? And alternate form is a cat?) after being caught in daylight because he was perving up some girls skirt. Whenever I read this I wonder how oblivious to his surroundings he must be to be caught in such a silly way. I mean, he’s meant to be some kind of super warrior trained since birth to fight. So how could he let his guard down enough to get caught KNOWING that he’s a high risk target?

Anyway, poor Susan is allergic to cats and as such can’t be near Ravyn’s hair without her nose getting all clogged up, sneezing etc. When Ravyn makes it safely back to Susan’s house he mistakenly gets the impression that Susan is a Squire (human servants paid handsomely to work for the Dark Hunters) because she says she works for Leo Kirby. Who coincidentally also runs the entire Squire network in Seattle. So Ravyn starts talking to her as if she knows everything about his world and then thinks she’s new since she has no idea what he’s talking about. Only to get into trouble when they get back to Leo and finds out she isn’t a Squire.

Leo however sees the use of having someone like Susan involved in the Squire’s world and takes her under his wing and approves her becoming a Squire. Anyway, shit hit’s the fan. Lots of supernatural people are after Susan and Ravyn (and others) to the point where Savitar (big scary dick head on a GOOD day) comes in and puts things kinda back into rights. The Daimons are still free to hunt whoever they want however they are not allowed to break Savitar’s sanctuary laws unless they want to die a painful death.

Out of all the books I really didn’t feel the romance side of this book and can’t say I read this particular book for the romance. But I definitely love the action in this one. You have people coming back from the dead, you have technology being messed with, you have your sacred places being illegally infiltrated, you have family drama spiking out of control between supernatural beings only to have a human show up the “big smart know it all” Were Hunter leader. Among plenty of fighting scenes. I feel like the action in this book took what has happened in previous books, doped it up with steroids and then pumped it full of performance enhancing drugs.

And I loved every minute of the action! I can’t say I’m normally a fan of a lot of action in books. But there’s something about the way that Sherrilyn writes that really allows me to picture the scene playing out in my mind as if it was a TV show or a movie. Normally when I read books with action scenes I feel like I’m watching a really badly choreographed fight scene in a C grade movie filmed through a potato. However Sherrilyn’s writing feels like I’m watching it in 3D HD 4K whatever quality where I can really feel like totally immersed in it. My breathing stops. I can feel the adrenaline pumping through my body. I shift to subconsciously match what’s happening in the book. And I breathe a sigh of relief when they make it out alive.

So even though the normal balance between romance and action makes it exciting, this is on a whole new level. And I think if it was any other writer I wouldn’t enjoy it as much. But Sherrilyn draws you into her world in such a way that I love it. And there’s just enough sappy romance stuff to still keep it listed as a romance.

Since the action is the main part of this novel and I’m not very good at describing how that affects me since it’s more a physical reaction rather than an emotional one I will end this review there. If you like action then you will really enjoy this one. But even if you’re not a huge fan, there’s still enough sappy romance stuff happening that you will be satisfied.

Thankyou for all your likes and I look forward to bringing you another review next week!

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