The Dream-Hunter – Sherrilyn Kenyon

Cover for Dream Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Welcome back everyone, this week I am reviewing the first book to really talk about Dream Hunter’s. The third and final type of “Hunter” in this world. These guys are a bit different from the other type of hunter’s and have very little to do with the human world anymore.

The most memorable thing for me about how this book opens is that Dr Megeara Kafieri is standing on a cliff mourning the loss of her last family immediate member. Her dad. He was ridiculed by many in the historical world for being “crazy” and for chasing down something that everyone believed to be a fairy tale.

And then she was given a pouch containing the reason for her fathers continued belief, even after the death of so many family members. And this is the moment Megeara feels awful for insulting her father for his blind faith. She realises in that moment that he was right. Atlantis does exist. And she is now holding the proof she needed to continue his quest and really believe in it. If only she could get a good nights sleep so she could concentrate and pull this off in the name of her father.

And along comes Arikos who is impossibly Greek, apparently can’t swim until AFTER he’s rescued by Megeara from almost drowning and seems to have connections that get Megeara all she wants from life. Knowing why Arikos has tracked Megeara down really didn’t endear him to me. He has done it for selfish reasons without considering the consequences. And those consequences are Megeara’s life. Literally her life.

What kind of person would willingly trade the life of another just so they can enjoy emotions they haven’t experienced before? O that’s right. Arikos doesn’t have any emotions! We are reminded again of how horrible the Greek gods can be. Just because of some profocy they didn’t like and therefore the actions of one person they destroyed any half-Dream-Hunter-half-human children and to then torture and strip the Dream Hunters of any and all emotions they then had.

As is expected, Arikos learns a little bit about what it’s like to be human and starts to learn about consequences. Because of this he starts to regret his choices and starts to plan out what he can do make it up to Megeara. Which is especially hard to do since she has no idea what he’s done and still doesn’t really trust him. Especially since he keeps trying to get her naked and have sex with him. And this is where the emotional intelligence comes into play. Reading how Arikos develops his emotional intelligence really gave me hope for myself.

I hear from people that I don’t really have any EQ, so reading about how Arikos is able to develop his EQ gave me hope for myself. But I can also see that he has the support system needed to go about developing this. With all of these people understanding that he needs to develop his EQ, I feel like he has an easier time building up his EQ than I do. And that makes me envious of him.

In the end he manages to come through with the goods. But not without a lot of help, effort and potential loss of lives. But Arikos isn’t the only one to learn some valuable lessons during this book. And it’s not limited to just Megeara either. Although some of these we don’t learn about until future books. So just keep those thoughts in line for when you read the rest of the series!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks review and look forward to next weeks. Thankyou for your likes and please continue to like and comment on these reviews if you’re enjoying my thoughts on these books.

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