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Welcome back all, I’m sorry about the delay in this going up. Apparently my sick brain has been failing me and so it’s taken me longer than normal to write this one up and get it published for you.

This book is focused on Aimee and Fang, if you’ve read these books then you’re probably familiar with Aimee because she’s been in most books that have had anything to do with New Orleans. Fang however hasn’t been featured much since Vane’s book right near the start of the series. So I was a bit surprised when this book focused on these two. Especially because everything we know about Were-Hunters is that they can’t mate between species unless it’s between say two types of cats (eg. leopard and tiger). So to have an Arcadian bear (has a human heart) and a Katagaria wolf (animal heart) falling in love doesn’t seem quite feasible.

Because Fang has been in a coma for so long however we get to find out what’s been happening to him since the Daimons tried to suck out his soul. So we find out that Fang has been sucked into some demon death realm type place where they are trying to escape from. Fang however lands himself in the chambers of the esteemed hell realms controller because he tries to sell his soul to save Aimee. It seems heoric, but knowing what I know about souls thanks to the other books I can’t help but think Fang is more than a little stupid right now. Which is why the controller steps in and stops him from making such a huge mistake.

Which is lucky for Aimee since she’s spent so long tracking down and killing all the Daimons who took a chunk of Fang’s soul before his soul dies. Once the last Daimon was killed Fang was able to return to his body with the help of Thorn. However to get Thorn to do this Fang had to agree to join Thorn’s “army” whose main purpose in life is to track down escaped demons and send them back to Thorn’s realm for supervision and punishment. Which is where Fang proves himself to be a bit silly again.

Instead of sending a demon back to Thorn’s realm he killed it. Which in demon world worlds mean that Fang now inherits the powers of the demon. Including it’s rage. Which is a problem when people start turning up dead during the times that Fang is having blackouts. Luckily Aimee is an amazing human being who really truly trusts people. That level of trust is rare in this day and age so it’s good to see someone that is still capable of this.

Cue a whole lot of fighting, suspicion, investigation etc all the while Aimee’s mum is trying to set her up with another male bear so that she could carry on the family’s business and their seat on the ruling council. Reading about them secretly hooking up, trying to help each other through all the crap their families are putting them through, hiding the secrets about themselves from everyone else and helping out those around them that they are closest to. All of that activity and secrecy has got to be draining on them and their relationship with each other.

So it’s amazing that at the end of the book they are actually still together, in love and happy. Not only is their relationship out in the open. Everyone seems to be pretty happy with them (we will find out exactly how much in future books) and it ends pretty well. But obviously, because the haven’t actually had mating marks appear it still leaves a sour taste in your mouth because you can see how much they love each other and we already know how caring Aimee is. So it really sucks for her that she can’t have the kids that you can clearly see she would love to have. Especially with Fang.

I hope you enjoyed this one and I will see you next week. Hopefully on time as well!

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