Second Chance at First Love

Zoe Allison

Love’s Bloom
Contemporary Romance
Eva Mathers is a successful woman, except for when it comes to matters of the heart. When she returns home to Yorkshire as a pending divorcee, she realises her childhood friend and first love Damon Evans is also newly single. It’s a pity he’s never noticed her romantically and had no idea that she was in love with him at school. But at least they can support each other as friends again. Damon is attempting to adjust to life sharing the kids with his ex. His reconnection with Eva is strong, but she was always too good for him and made her indifference clear after they drifted apart during their younger years. In any case, she still seems to be hung up on her charismatic ex-husband. Eva is hiding things from Damon, secrets from her past. He wants to be there for her, so why can’t she let him in? Eva is dealing with trauma, but she won’t confide in her loved ones. Can Damon help her break down her walls before it’s too late and they miss their second chance at first love?

This book contains:

  • a cheating spouse.

Eva and Damon have been friends since they were two. While Eva went to Scotland to become a General Practitioner and get married, Damon stayed in their hometown in Yorkshire to start a business and a family.

Eva has returned home after some difficulties with her husband in Scotland and is looking for a fresh start. She’s newly single, thoroughly traumatised and just wants a calm life when she’s suddenly bombarded with her high school love wherever she goes. Meanwhile, Damon has settled into his newly single life after his separation from the mother of his children when suddenly his high school crush has just returned to town looking better than ever.

We all love a will-they-won’t-they romance. When you get the right balance of the two, they’re amazing and are so easy to rush through while you’re on the edge of your seat.

In so many ways, this book met this feel. At so many times I was totally enraptured, but then, at some point about two thirds to three quarters of the way through, the flip flopping got to the point where my response turned from “what?!” to “not again…”

Overall, I really enjoyed the book. And maybe if we hadn’t had the last few flip flops, I might not have ended the book with a sense of relief that they were finally together.

The trauma that Eva has gone through, the relationships and the emotional growth she has to go through to eventually get to the final romance is amazing. What Eva experienced is not something to be taken lightly. The delicacy that everyone in her life takes to allow her to become comfortable enough to share what happened to her is exactly what anyone in her position needs. Love, support and time.

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Author Bio

Zoe lives in Scotland with her husband and two children. A medic by day, she started writing in her spare time as a means to counter burn out and found that this was a balm for the soul.

She is a fan of the romantic genre and its ‘happy ever after’ ethos. A sharp contrast to what she can, at times, see in her day job. Zoe is keen for the female lead in romantic fiction to disabuse stereotypes and walk on an equal footing with her male counterparts. She prefers male leads who do not display signs of toxic masculinity and believes that positive masculinity is much more attractive to women and healthier for men.


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