Daisy’s Dilemma – Debbie Viggiano

This book contains:

  • cheating spouses.

Daisy owns a florist shop in a quiet corner of England trying to live a quiet life when everything seems to change for her.

Harry is her cheating ex-husband.

Dominic is her current fiance.

And Seth is the cute guy who’s just moved in next door.

Daisy is trying to live a quiet life with her fiancé Dominic when little things seem to cast some doubt on her relationship. Meanwhile, Harry, her ex-husband is apparently still in love with her and desperately wants her back. And the new neighbour Seth seems to be interested in her as well!

Daisy is a strong woman who supports herself, runs her own business and doesn’t live by anyone else’s rules. This is the biggest thing that drew me to Daisy’s story when I first heard about it.

Yet when I read it, I felt like something was missing.

I’m not sure if it was how much she ended up letting the men in her life control her, her overall lack of conviction or what. Like what person doesn’t know where their partner works? What they actually do for a job etc?

Little things like this just didn’t sit right with me and kinda ruined the overall feel for me. I really wanted to love it. The theme was right up my alley. But I really struggled to get over those little details.

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Author Bio

Prior to turning her attention to writing, Debbie Viggiano was, for more years than she cares to remember, a legal secretary. She lives with her Italian husband, a rescued pooch from Crete, and a very disgruntled cat. Occasionally her adult children return home bringing her much joy… apart from when they want to raid the fridge or eat her secret stash of chocolate. Tweet @DebbieViggiano or follow her on Facebook!

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