Always and Forever at Glendale Hall

Victoria Walters

Glendale Hall
Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit
What if we’re all just searching for something? Anna Stewart is lost. After barely surviving a car accident as a teenager, Anna is scared of settling. Flitting between jobs, boyfriends and homes whenever she gets bored, she has no idea what the future holds. Then her brother Brodie, minister of Glendale, suggests she moves to the beautiful Scottish village, lining up a housekeeper job for her at Glendale Hall. Out of options, Anna agrees to the move, knowing that she can always run away again. Once at the hall, her culinary skills impress everyone, and she agrees to give Hilltop Farm’s new manager, Cameron, cooking lessons. Sparks fly between Anna and the handsome Scot, but Cameron is looking for love – something that Anna definitely isn’t. But it’s wedding season at Glendale Hall, and Anna is about to discover that her new home has a way of working its magic on even the coldest of hearts. Will she really be able to just walk away, or could Anna have finally found a place to belong? It’s summertime in the beautiful Highlands village of Glendale – pack your bags and come on holiday with this gorgeously uplifting, romantic read. Fans of Milly Johnson, Heidi Swain and Holly Martin will love this charming romcom.

This book contains:

  • multiple references to car accident deaths.

Anna is the little sister of Brodie, the Glendale minister, but she leads a very different life to him. All because she blames herself for the car accident that nearly killed her when she was 13. She’s spent her adult life travelling and working in lots of different places, but she isn’t happy, and she can’t figure out why, or how to be happy.

Cameron returned home to Glendale to become the farm manager. He’s withdrawn, quiet and not the same guy who left for uni a few years ago. But there’s something about Anna that sets him off and brings out glimpses of the guy everyone remembers from before uni.

Anna loses her job in Glasgow and ends up having to take her brother up on the job offer of housekeeper at Glendale Hall. She doesn’t want to, but she has no where else to go to work and she’s just booked a trip to Ibiza in a couple of months that she needs to fund.

After almost being run over by Cameron, literally, Anna and Cameron find themselves constantly thrown into each other’s paths. From dinner parties, social events, work and even a combined hen’s and bucks party, there’s no escaping each other and their attraction.

This hit me in such a personal way that I really wasn’t expecting.

Just before starting this book some things happened in my own life that are so eerily similar to Anna that it got to me a few times. The discussions around our relationships with our family, our inability to communicate how we’re feeling about certain events or things makes our relationships so difficult.

The way Victoria is able to discuss how small minute body language, lack of discussion etc all impact our memories and interpretations of how others feel about certain events or people. Everything she said felt like it rang so true for how we feel in those situations.

And yet, that moment when you can finally talk about it with other people, and the people involved, breaks the box we feel like we’re in and lets us move past it. The moment is amazing but also so emotionally draining and can be so difficult that it’s awesome we were able to experience that with Anna.

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Author Bio

Victoria Walters writes up-lifting and inspiring stories. She’s the author of three novels, THE SECOND LOVE OF MY LIFE, SUMMER AT THE KINDNESS CAFÉ, and COMING HOME TO GLENDALE HALL. She has been chosen for WHSmith Fresh Talent and shortlisted for an RNA award. Victoria was also picked as an Amazon Rising Star, and her books have won wide reader acclaim.

Victoria is a full-time author. She lives in Surrey with her cat Harry, and loves books, clothes, music, going out for tea and cake, and posting photos on Instagram.


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