Sea of Revenge

Nicola Italia

Regency Romance
Tamzen St. Aubin is a quiet girl who adores her older brother Benjamin. When Ben joins the Royal Navy, his family expects great things from him and a grand future. But Ben is only at sea for six months when his ship is attacked by pirates and he is killed. His death sets in motion a chain of events and greatly alters Tamzen’s own destiny. Young and naïve, Tamzen decides to learn the skills of fighting and swordplay to take measures into her own hands and avenge her brother’s death. After years of training, Tamzen bands together a trusted crew and a family friend and takes to the sea in search of the man who killed her brother. On the seas, Tamzen comes into contact with the arrogant and cocky privateer, Reece Warrington. A Viscount’s heir, he prowls the seas as a privateer sanctioned by the English Crown. Reece takes one look at the haughty beauty in command of her own vessel and decides he will have no other as his future Viscountess. Though Tamzen is not interested in Reece romantically, the handsome privateer proves useful in aiding her mission and soon an attraction between them grows. But the road to revenge is fraught with danger, and as one of the few women pirates at sea, Tamzen garners admiration but also resentment. As she finally closes in on her brother’s killer in Nassau, she doesn’t realize that as she watches and waits for the right moment to strike, someone violent and dangerous is waiting for the right moment to strike back…at her.

Welcome back everyone, we’re coming into a super busy period in my schedule which means I’m due for a holiday right?In the meantime, we have this sweet author request to review. I’m so thankful for Nicola reaching out to me after seeing my reviews of her other books I’ve read. Thank you!

I was due for an adventure packed regency romance when I picked this one up. I’d read a few contemporary romances and chick lit books, but I needed this fix. Considering the two other books of hers I’ve read I assumed the female lead would be a strong independent character. And I was right!

In The Sheik’s Son the female lead was a writer stirring up discontent against the higher classes, while in Love in the Valley of the Kings the female lead was educated, ahead of her times and so sweet. A noblewoman that moonlights as a pirate captain? That kinda fits the bill I reckon.

Although I was surprised by how and when our main leads met, I really enjoyed seeing them grow and develop. Especially because he was totally ok with her beating him in a sword-fight in front of his entire crew! How many men can say they are secure in their masculinity that they’d be ok with this?

I did feel like this book should be written in two parts. One during the pirate days and one after. It felt like these two sections were very different, and so should have had a bigger way to differentiate between them without creating a sequel. I agree that it didn’t need a sequel, but I still would have preferred a bigger “separator” in the story.

What I didn’t like was how casual Tamzen was when she found out why she’d run away from her “fiancé”. I can’t see someone being so casual about learning that fact, so it was weird that it felt like she was just like “o ok, but you won’t do it again? Ok that’s fine then.” It just confused me a little bit.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review, I don’t have another review until July 31st, but I do have a cover reveal and an interview with Samantha Parks coming out next week. Then on July 31st I’ll be reviewing Reclaimed by her Rebel Knight by Jenni Fletcher.


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    1. I know right! I think I was lucky in a way that a cover and blurb hadn’t been worked out when Nicola asked if I’d be interested in doing a review for it. So all I new was that it was going to be a new book involving pirates.

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