Believe in Me – Ella Quin

Welcome back everyone, we’re still firmed locked in the past, in this case still in regency times. This book came to me in my first Bubbles & Books Book Box and it was a beautifully unexpected regency romance story.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but it’s apparently been a while since I read a regency romance. Looking back through the books I’ve read this year I realised it’s been 3 whole months! Considering how many regency romances I’ve read in the past I can’t believe it’s been so long.

Looking up this book to log it on Goodreads I discovered that it’s the 6th book in the Worthingtons series. How is it that I keep coming across regency series by starting on the 4th or more book in the series?

One of the things I love about regency romances is the glamour, the structure in society and the courting that goes on. The first thing we learn about Augusta is that she spurns societies strictures that ladies can’t be educated. Not only has she already sought private correspondence tuition on a variety of topics. But now she wants to go to Uni, which doesn’t happen for women in that time period.

The fact that she’s able to meet a guy who also believes that women should be educated and is enamoured by her knowledge and skills. I’m glad that she’s able to find a guy like this, even though it’s super unlikely to have actually happened.

Surprisingly, later in the book we went from a nice cruisy pace of luxury travel around Europe to a mad dash with a possible kidnaping, murder and international fiasco looming. So much so, that I found my own heartrate picking up and reading the pages as if the book was about to burn away in my hands without me being able to finish the book.

The ending even threw me another twist that gave the book an even sweeter than I anticipated.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review, next week I will be reviewing The Wedding Planner by Eva Devon.

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