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Welcome back everyone, I’m writing this post a little last minute as I’ve been a bit distracted by work which then makes me want to just come home and kill stuff on a computer game to de-stress. Normally I’d pick a book for that but I’ve been so tired I needed something my partner could kick me off of when it was time for bed!

Anyway, this one is one of my favourites. I just LOVE the drama in this one! Normally I hate drama, but the way Sherrilyn has written this one has me laughing quite a bit. So we start this one off with Artemis having a bit of a tantrum to Acheron (what’s new with that scene?) trying to get him to kill Sin. Only problem is, Acheron is siding with Sin which is pissing Artemis off even more.

Cue Artemis acting like the spoiled brat that she is, she goes to her daughter, spreads some lies and sends her after Sin to kill him. Only problem is Katra (I’ll call her Kat from now on) isn’t 100% sold on killing Sin since she’s not 100% sure she can trust her mum, so she tries to do some recon. “Try” being the operative word there since he knocked her out and abducted her back to his apartment and wrapped her in one of her mother’s nets.

Needless to say Kat wasn’t happy and they had a bit of a fight when she came to. Luckily she managed to talk some sense into him before he killed her thinking she was Artemis. During their fight they shared a bit of sarcastic banter and that kind of banter continues throughout the book. Being a bit of a fan of this kind of banter I really enjoyed reading this in use.

The best parts of this book for me though are where Sin and Artemis come face to face, when Acheron finds out he has a daughter (this isn’t funny but it’s really sweet), pretty much every line Kish has and finally the Charonte’s! Specially Sin’s fear of them. They are classic. Whenever the Charonte’s come out it’s hilarious.

And of course having Sin save Kat’s life, banding together to save the world and then having a kid are pretty good too. But the way Sherrilyn writes this one manages to get me suckered in as if something is going to change since the last time I read it. I like knowing I’m not the only one with a dysfunctional family. I love the adrenaline rush I get every time I read this one. And I love how lighthearted the humour is while bringing in a whole new pantheon of gods, myths, legends and history.

Before reading this book I never really considered Sin’s pantheon as one to research about. Like I’m pretty sure we all know about the Greek, Egyptian, Norse and the current day gods. But to then also consider the Sumerian gods, and to learn about the disagreements and inter-pantheon politics that went on way back in ancient times. After reading this book it spurred me on to learn more about his pantheon which I really liked. I love learning new things and being challenged and this book really did it for me. Plus history is something I’ve always been interested in so reading a different take on ancient events always peaks my interest.

Anyway, I apologise if this one sounds a bit rushed because it kinda is. I’m hoping while I’m on holiday’s I can take my time writing these like I normally can. So I hope you enjoyed this one and I will see you again next week!

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