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This book was a bit weird for me because the main characters were BARELY side characters in Talon’s book, which is what really caught my interest to begin with but it’s not what made me love it. The main difference between this book and the previous ones is that Vane is a werewolf not a Dark Hunter.

The werehunters in this series aren’t your typical “on the full moon I change into some half wolf-half human creature. These guys are COOL! Werehunters are hybrids of human’s and animals using Appolite magic. And the combination resulted in two beings, one being with the heart of a human that can change into it’s respective animal and one with the heart of an animal that can change into a human. And these guys live for centuries; literally they hit puberty at 50; can control magic and can time travel! If you don’t think that’s awesome I don’t know what will.

Anyway, onto the story and why I love it. Other than my obvious nerd getting a super cool hit factor with the whole werehunter thing. So Vane is currently residing in a kind of supernatural “safe house” with his brother Fang who is comatose in wolf form. While out trying to get help for his brother from Grace (you may remember her from Fantasy Lover) Vane saw Bride through her shop window and remembered her from a chance meeting he had during Talon and Sunshine’s book. Vane being the typical horny guy that he is, he goes in talks to her and ends up seducing her. Too bad for him that sparks the “mating mark” to appear on their palms. This mark is the Fates way of choosing who they will have children with, they only get one chance for this and it’s completely the woman’s choice if they accept the man. And if they choose not to accept them they are left barren and the men are left impotent.

So obviously Vane is scared of this happening since he will lose the use of his magic if he can’t have sex, but at the same time doesn’t feel worthy of Bride so wants to let the 3 weeks pass and leave Bride to go on with her life. So he does the creepy stalker thing to make sure Bride stays safe and follows her around in his “wolf” form. One thing leads to another and he beats the crap out of Bride’s awful ex and ends up winning her over.

They do take a bit of a detour into the past when Vane’s mum kidnaps Bride. But girl power all the way, Bride beats the crap out of Vane’s mum in response to her stupid move. Even though Vane’s mum thought she was doing the right thing for Bride she really wasn’t. I believe all of us go through phases where we hate our parents for thing’s they’ve done that we perceive as having “wronged” us. At the time we feel that we are 100% right and they are 100% wrong, however with time, maturity and perspective we begin to see that maybe they weren’t all that wrong.

But I also believe sometimes parent’s need to take a step back and let their kids make mistakes. Obviously it depends on the mistake as to whether the parent should intervene but I gotta say. My parents raised me to be independent and from the age of 15 I’d pretty much taken over the internet and phone contracts for my dad (my parents split up when I was 13 and I stayed with my dad when my mum moved out when I was 14). But even though I was completely independent by 18, my parents were there to support me and help me through the tough times when I called needing help. To me that is awesome parenting. Set your kid up with the skills to tackle whatever it is they need, but be ready and there for them when they stumble to support them. Not take over. Not do everything for them. But to guide them through the difficult time so that they learn.

I’m not saying that this will work for everyone, but I know it worked for me and I’m thankful. I know I have the skills I need to look after myself. But I have those skills because my parents set me up right. Unlike Vane who persevered even with both his parents out to kill him. And he came out of it a better person (or should I say werewolf?) than either of them ever was. And he’s set up to pave the way for a new, better, more inclusive future for both the human hearted and wolf hearted packs his family is a part of.

I hope you enjoyed this. If you’re going to read any of the Dark Hunter books I really reccommend this one. It’s one of the top 5 books in the series for me. And don’t ask me to rank them please! Depending on the mood I’m in, depends on which order I rank them in.

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