Three Nights with a Rock Star – Amber Lin & Shari Slade

Cover for Three Nights with a Rock Star by Amber Lin and Shari Slade

Welcome back! We’re finally onto a book I read from my TBR pile! I actually read this one way back in October just before I jumped into all the Book Tour commitments. I thought I had another week between the book I read last and the first Book Tour so apologies for that delay!

Ok, so with this book we start off with a really sweet woman, Hailey, wanting to find whoever it is that knocked up her little sister and make him step up and be a responsible dad. Only problem is, to do that she has to go party with a rock back for a few days while they are nearby to try and figure out who it is. When she arrives at about 7pm everyone in the hotel is already passed out/ fucking/ puking away leaving no party.

Lock comes down to kick one of his bandmates ass’s coz he stole his lucky pick and he needs it to be able to get up on stage the following day. He’s needed it to get on stage every day for the past 370 days while completely sober. Only he finds said bandmate with his head in a girls lap. And this girl doesn’t look like she belongs there. The proof that she didn’t belong there was when she didn’t recognise who he was when he showed his famous tattoo and tongue piercing.

And, because this is a romance book he pretends to be someone else who is going to help her find “Lock” by taking her all the way up to his penthouse. Once up there the cat comes out of the bag (for both of them) and somehow he convinces her to sign a contract to have sex with him for the next 3 days and while she’s not with him she can try and find out who knocked up her sister. The contract from an NDA perspective made sense to me. But not the whole “you will be mine to have sex with whenever I want and you can only do what you want when I don’t want you” seemed super creepy so I don’t understand why she agreed to that.

But she did, and a whole new sexual side of her gets introduced to the world. By way of introduction to whole new positions (including the simple one of her on top apparently, talk about living a sheltered life!), public nudity and public sex (including a surprising addition). I’m sure a lot of people fantasise about those kinds of experiences to some degree. But to go out and act on them I feel like is a lot less common. I mean, how many people have the guts to strip down and/ or have sex in public? Not only do you run the risk of being insulted for not having the perfect gym body (I mean, those are HARD to maintain people!) but you also run the risk of getting arrested. I don’t know about you, but I know I certainly don’t ever want to get arrested!

Anyway, we continue on with those two having sex pretty much the entire time the story is focused on them. While it’s not focused on them we go to Hailey’s sister Chloe as she goes through telling the father that he is the father. Having him propose, rejecting him and a whole lot of other drama. Almost all of which stem from public perceptions and mommy issues. This all comes to a head when Lock whisks Hailey away to Las Vegas for a night so they can be together and not be interrupted. Only problem is, a video of their public antics has been released and gone viral putting a strain on their relationship. Which ended with Hailey running away to go home and Chloe coming to Las Vegas to try and be there for her.

Obviously they missed each other. I was a bit confused as to why Chloe would rush off to Vegas but I guess I don’t have a family that’s close like that. That, and I’ve never had anything so serious go on that I’d want my family to fly across the country to be there for me. I mean, other than people dying. Do people actually do this? Everyone I know lives in the same city as their family so I dunno.

The ending was a little underwhelming for me. It felt typical that it didn’t really grab my attention or make me wish there was more. I enjoyed the book overall but I can’t say I’m dying to read the rest of the series. If someone gave them to me and I had the time sure. But I wasn’t devastated and wishing I could just straight into the next book like I’ve felt in the past.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks review and I look forward to seeing you in an author requested (that still makes me all giddy like a lovesick teenager) review next week of “Sent as a Viking’s Bride” which is being released over the next few weeks depending on the country you’re in.

Also, I will continue posting reviews weekly throughout the Christmas/ New Year period so if you are one of my weekly readers you won’t get a chance to miss me! See you next week!

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