Son of No One – Sherrilyn Kenyon

Cover for Son of No One by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Jo is from one of our favourite psychic families, yet her life is falling apart around her. While taking any opportunity to earn some money and get her life back on track she gets thrown into Avalon.

Cadegan has been stuck in Avalon for centuries, all alone and is kind of mad. Until Jo falls into Avalon and he’s forced to communicate with a human.

Jo takes a job to record what happens in a haunted houses, while in the haunted house she falls through a mirror into the hell realm of Avalon. Devoid of colour, fraught with danger, and of course the handsome Cadegan jumped in to save her life.

After discovering that Jo shouldn’t be there they began the quest to return her to the human realm. To get her home they’re sent on a quest to gather particular items to get a key to leave. Unfortunately, they’re swapped bodies to make the quest that much harder making for some hilarious moments along the way.

At the time of reading this I was going through a lot of similar emotions, making it so much easier to relate to Jo. Although the gentleman in all his manly displays of warrior strength and aptitude wasn’t quite so manly and warrior like when he was swapped into Jo’s body.

Having the quest given to them in the form of riddles gave us not just a strange world to enjoy, but a puzzle to figure out as we go!

Trying to solve the riddles along with them kept me captivated throughout, yet it ended in a way that left me dissappointed.

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