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Welcome back all, I feel like we’re getting toward the end of the series. But at the same time I think we’re only about half way through! I gota admit, I love this series but at the same time I know it’s a bit of a commitment to read the whole thing in one go. So I totally get it if you chose to break it up, or only read the one’s that grab your attention.

Anyway, this one is the first one where we see love happening on the “evil” side. And by “evil” I mean Stryker. Literally the guy who has it in for Dark Hunters, has been trying to eradicate them for like, ever, and yet considers himself to be the son of Acheron’s mother. Not that he knows she’s Acheron’s mother. All he knows is that she lost her son aeon’s ago and has forbidden him to physically harm Acheron.

Anyway, because of Styker’s antics Zephyra is sent in to kill him. She is dedicated to Artemis and is completely loyal to her since she saved her and her daughter from death by taking them in. When these two reconnect it’s when Zephyra drops into Styker’s home and starts attacking him.

Because she’s an ancient warrior she’s obviously pretty skilled and manages to kill a few of Styker’s men before going full blast at him. Since he left her when she was pregnant and only young (like think pre-teen level of young) because his dad told him to she’s understandby pissed. And is FINALLY getting the chance to take it out on him. And boy is she taking the opportunity to humiliate him in front of his men! It was a GREAT “you go girl!” kind of moment! She had suffered quite a bit after he left her and because of that had a LOT of rage to let out.

It’s hard enough being a single mother when the guy walks out in this day and age. But imagine how hard it would have been back then when men ruled and women were just “possessions”. She had no way to earn money other than to prostitute herself, was pregnant and her family had turned their backs on her. So I commend her for continuing on and finding a way to live after everything Stryker put her through.

And Styker being the type of guy he is decides it’s the best time to win her back. How crazy is that?

Cue the rollercoaster of a ride these two take us on as they figure out if they even still LIKE each other let alone love each other after all that time. SPOILER ALERT! Because this is a romance series they obviously work it out and life “happily” (as much as someone in their position can) ever after.

O, also Zephyra told Stryker how he can ensure his Daimons can live forever without having to worry about feeding off of human souls anymore. Making it a lot easier for them as they don’t need to worry about finding a new victim when the old soul starts to die. O and a side affect from this new form of life? They can now walk in daylight. Who new huh?

So not only does Sherrilyn take us on a crazy roller coaster ride emotionally as these two figure their shit out. She now sets a whole new precedent of torment the Daimons can inflict on the human population, and the Dark Hunter’s as well. I think the first time I read this book I sat there for like a good 10 minutes thinking through this implication and the changes this will make to the Dark Hunter’s.

And I gota admit. I don’t think they have much of a chance if the Daimons can day walk. It was fairly even footing up until now. But this changes things. This means, while the Dark Hunters would die horribly if they enter day light, their prey can prowl, hunt and torture while they can’t do anything to stop it. And that is one pretty scary thought.

It also made me wonder how Sherrilyn can continue this series if the Daimons have such a HUGE upper hand of the Dark Hunters. But I guess you’ll either need to read the books for yourselves or wait until my review next week to see what else she comes up with!

See you next week!

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