Deep Sea Love

Zoe Ashwood

Norse Sea Dragons
Paranormal Romance
A sea dragon king and a witch seeking her lost brother are a dangerous match… Nia’s half-brother disappeared in Norway. He’s either in hiding…or dead. Nia’s coven is after the grimoires he took, and they think she might be involved. That’s why she’s freezing her ass off in a tiny Norwegian village, looking for him. Magnus is the worst king in the history of their sea dragon clan. Considering his father – and his father before him – was a brutal tyrant, that’s saying something. But his problems just keep piling up. His mother destroyed the one clue that could shed light on his younger brother’s murder, and someone is sniffing after the dead witch at the village, meddling in things better left alone. Whatever happens, Magnus must keep his clan safe and protected from humans and witches both. And the woman he saved from being fish bait is a complication he can’t afford. Even if she’s stirring feelings inside him he hasn’t experienced, ever. Even if she might be exactly what he and his clan need. Deep Sea Love is a steamy paranormal romance, the second book in the Norse Sea Dragons duet. Order it today and dive right into the cold, mysterious waters of Norway!

This book contains:

  • Kidnapping
  • Attempted murder.

Nia’s brother went to Norway and instigated a bunch of murder and drama in the previous book. Nia is a completely different type of which to her brother and is just trying to get her families grimoires back, so her coven won’t kill her. Her powers aren’t as strong as her brother, and she doesn’t want anything to do with the mystical world.

Magnus is the brother of the murdered sea dragon from the first book. He’s all seriousness, no fun and just trying to be the best leader he can be to his people while avoiding his murderous mother.

Nia arrives in Norway and runs into Magnus in the bar. The next day she almost literally runs into Magnus while he’s in sea dragon form forcing him to have to intervene to make sure she didn’t expose their secret. Cue being kidnapped and held against her will until Magnus decides what to do with her and whether he trusts her or not.

The time and acceptance Nia and Magnus experience with each other is profound. Especially given the experiences they’ve each suffered at the hands of the other species. I enjoyed reading them accept each other, test their boundaries and generally grow into better versions of themselves as part of a couple.

My only wish is to have had an ending where we got to see Nia in the archives, doing what she loves and seeing what she might find in there. It’s such a small thing but I really wish that one little thing happened!

To find out more about Zoe and the books she’s written, head on over to her author page.


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