Captured in Love

Zoe Ashwood

Nora Moss
Paranormal Romance, Erotica, Reverse Harem
Secrets lurk under the frigid waves in Iceland… We barely survived the first task of the competition and the secret tomb in the Egyptian desert. Now we’re heading to Iceland, the country where no witches have lived for decades. Ever since the war with the dragon clans, this place has been abandoned by our kind. But now we have to face the second task and find the magical token that will bring us one step closer to winning the Ballendial Games. With Levi and Raphaël by my side, I can tackle anything the Scottish witches throw at us. We’re stronger than ever, and not just because our attraction burns hot enough to melt glaciers. And I might even get to see Isak again. The mysterious Icelander left me with nothing but a kiss, and I’ve been thinking about him ever since. We’ve got this. We’ll collect our token and be on our way. Unless these Games are even deadlier than we thought. Unless the witches who organized them have a more sinister goal in mind. Every new trap we discover, every spell we’re pitted against, tells me that we might not make it through the competition alive.

This book contains:

  • Explicit sex scenes
  • Attempted murder
  • Conspiracy to commit murder.

Nora, Levi and Raphael are a team made up of two witches and a vampire competing in a secret competition. Throughout the first book (Cursed in Love) they find a way to be together and work together.

Now, we add in the complication of Isak, an Icelandic sea dragon who’s competing in the same competition but also somehow features in Nora’s life.

Nora, Levi and Raphael travel to Iceland to find and complete the second task in the Balendial Trial in their quest to bring witches knowledge into a more accessible forum.

Only problem is, they need to somehow access some underground cavern and survive the tortures the witches have planned for them.

I’m sorry. I love reading Zoe’s books. I love that I’m in her advanced readers list.


You know that feeling you get when you read a book and go “OMG I need the next book now!”?

Now, imagine you read a book, get that feeling, and you know the authors only just finished writing this book and hasn’t even started the next book…

It’s hard.

So hard!

I love Zoe. I love her books.

But at the same time I really wish she’d write a full series then give it to us all at once because she writes such amazing stories I can’t wait to keep going but I have to. How awesome would it be if I could just smash out a whole series in a couple of days?


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