Freed in Love

Zoe Ashwood

Nora Moss
Paranormal Romance, Action, Reverse Harem
I’m so close to winning this competition…or dying. Without all my men by my side, I’m unsettled, and I can’t figure out how to tackle the third task of the dangerous games. This is my last chance to protect my family. My last attempt to make those who killed my mother pay. But I need Levi, Isak, and Raphaël first. Together, we’re stronger. Together, we have a shot at winning. But only if the mysteries on the Greek island don’t prove too much for us. Old myths are coming to life, and I’m not sure we’re strong enough to take them on. Freed in Love is the third and last book of the steamy Nora Moss trilogy, in which the heroine doesn’t have to choose between her heroes – she gets to have them all.

This book contains:

  • Murder
  • Physical and psychological torture.

Nora and her three men (Levi, Raphael and Isak) are back for the final instalment and their relations are pretty strained to begin with.

Nora is struggling to come to terms with the revelations at the end of Captured in Love but Isak (sea dragon) is at her side supporting her. Meanwhile, Raphael (vampire) and Levi (witch) are desperate to find Nora again and try and rekindle their relationship before things go too badly.

Nora, Levi, Raphael and Isak are racing into the final challenge in the hopes of winning the Ballendial Games. As they find their way to Greece to face the final challenge they’re confronted by mythology and other creatures they never anticipated but have to overcome.

I’m so in love with this series!

This was SUCH an amazing ending to a thrilling adventure. The sheer level of adversity they need to overcome, not just to win the Games, but also to find happiness is gargantuan.

As I got closer and closer to the end I didn’t want it to end. I mean, how could I possibly be happy with the ending given how much amazing action was happening?!

And yet, Zoe didn’t fail me and rather than leave me on yet another cliff hanger she gave me a satisfying ending that was beautiful and exactly what all four of them deserved.


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