The Billionaire Behind the Headlines – Rachael Stewart

This book contains:

  • Mentions and discussions of domestic violence and it’s impacts
  • Fake pregnancy and miscarriage.

We met both Theo and Bree in Secrets Behind the Billionaire’s Return, with Theo being the second Ferrington heir, and Bree is the local baker and best friend to Felicity.

Theo is portrayed as a playboy with no long term ties to women and the face of the Ferrington brand. While Bree is the quiet girl who moved from London to support her aunt and uncle and their bakery in the sleepy Yorkshire town. Neither are really looking for relationships, especially with their own past baggage.

Theo breezes into town and through the paparazzi when his brother needs him and is almost assaulted by Bree and kitchen implements for his troubles. While they’re able to move past their not so friendly introduction, Paris threatens to tear them apart in ways they hadn’t expected.

I’d been waiting for this sequel for ages without realising it’d come out ages ago, purely because I wasn’t paying close enough attention to Rachael and her works. I’m so glad she gifted me a copy so I could finish off this series because it was quite a ride!

I feel like I went through a whole bunch of emotions in such a short time, because how can you not when Theo is opening up about his past and how wrong the media have got things?

While I couldn’t see how they could get past Paris, Rachael kept me hooked and hoping, and that hope paid off!

While series and sequels aren’t really Rachael’s normal thing, she’s done a great job with this and it lets you put the Ferrington’s down at the end while being happy.

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