Tamora Peirce

How I found Tamora's books

My mum introduced me to Tamora Pierce in her bid to get me to read something other than books about dogs. She took me into a book store and we found Alana: The First Adventure

While I didn’t enjoy it then, a few years later when I was bored on a road trip with a friend, she lent me Lioness Rampant to read and suddenly I fell in love with fantasy!

Why you should read Tamora's books

Tamora Pierce is an institution when it comes to young adult fantasy. Anyone who wants an introduction to fantasy should be reading her books. 

Especially if they’re young!

Her books are ones you can grow up with and include so many key life lessons that anyone and everyone should read them. 

My top books

Top book

I have to go with The Will of the Empress here. I’ve read this one so many times!

Whenever I want a quick Tamora Pierce fix but can’t commit to a series this is the one I read. It has all the elements I love, all squashed into a single book!

Second book

I’m heading back to Tortall for this, and I’m going with Squire from the Protector of the Small quartet. 

The skill development, coming into one’s own self and the bits of romance were in perfect balance and I can’t go past it. 

Third book

This one is a bit tricker to pick, there are so many in close competition for this spot. But I think I need to go with Shatterglass

The depiction of class struggle, how the treatment of the poor ends up affecting a whole population. It’s amazing!

What Tamora writes about

Tamora writes young adult fantasy novels, usually as a novel from one of two universes. 

Both are centred around magic, yet two very different types of magic!

My top series

Top series

Kel’s Protector of the Small quartet is a clear first place for me. Whenever I need a comfort read, this is what I come back to.

Kel’s ability to overcome the challenges she’s faced with always inspires me to be better and do better. 

Second series

The Tricksters duo is my next pick. It’s set in a new country (not Tortall) and follows one of Alana’s children. This one is much more focused on the espionage side of things which I found fascinating and I love coming back to this one. 

Third series

I couldn’t not mention the Beka Cooper trilogy! 

This is set way back when and follows a character we were introduced to (as a legend) in the first couple of Alana books. I love Beka’s attitude and the little snippets of romance thrown in throughout. 

The Cricle Universe

The Cricle of Magic

The Cricle Opens

The Cricle Reforged


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