No Matter What

Lasairiona E. McMaster

AJ Williams
Contemporary Romance
Navigating the waters of being newlyweds and parents in their ‘happily ever after’, AJ feels as though they have finally adjusted to their life together in Alabama. With Olivia’s first birthday party on the horizon, AJ is excited to celebrate their beautiful baby girl with their nearest and dearest. Will his wife murder his best friend for teaching their child to say the F-bomb, or will Jeremy live to see another day? Will AJ and Britt repair old wounds? Or has the final buzzer sounded on their decades-old friendship? Will Lisa and AJ ever get alone time again?

It’s AJ’s final instalment and it’s coming up to Olivia’s first birthday. AJ and Lisa have had a massive past 12 months and it doesn’t seem to be calming down just yet. When they started their family, who new they’d trade petty romances for petty mum drama?

The best part though, is how Lisa and AJ rise above it in a way that AJ wasn’t expecting.

I think out of all of Lasairiona’s books that I’ve read so far, this one had me laughing the most. Lisa is one of the more refined characters of this world, so to suddenly go through everything that Lisa organises for Oliva’s first birthday was a hilarious ride.

Then of course there was AJ’s response to the whole situation including his mental play of it happening as it happened. It was so much fun, and I just loved every moment of it!

My only problem was that a couple of moments felt a little weird and I wish there had have been more funny moments and observations throughout to really take it off the charts.


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