Flirting with Forever – Lasairiona E. McMaster

We continue to focus on Jeremy Lewis as he’s working his way through college and figuring out his relationship with Chelsea. He continues to be faced with challenges that he needs to work through emotionally and even finish after the Lisa Millar and AJ Williams trilogy’s, meaning he’s faced with even more challenges than we were expecting.

Jeremy is faced with challenges both on and off the ice that threaten to destroy his mental health. From Johnny joining his team, being faced with the reality of never making the pro league, watching AJ crumple on the ice, Chelsea see-sawing between wanting to be with him and not, Lisa’s general drama and mental health issues and pulling his life together in time to graduate and become a “real adult”; we see Jeremy working through challenges we didn’t even realise was happening based on Lisa’s and AJ’s books.

In the end we have to continue past Lisa and AJ’s trilogy’s to see how he finally get’s Chelsea back given she wanted absolutely nothing to do with him after they returned from Mexico.

I’m starting to wonder if I’m getting over this world and its characters. Maybe because so much of each trilogy is set concurrently, I’m like “yea I know this event is going to happen which means this character ends up here doing this” so I get bored. I definitely felt bored until we got to the bit where they got back from their Mexican holiday because after that, all I knew was that Jeremy graduates and helps Lisa and AJ get back together.

For me, the most interesting bits of this book were the new things we learn about Chelsea and seeing what Jeremy gets up to after graduation. Those new bits were things I didn’t even have hinted at in previous books which made these bits way more interesting. And in a way highlighted how repetitive the other bits are.

I’m not saying that the story and the writing weren’t good, because they were. I think I’d just prefer for us to move beyond the three college years AJ and Jeremy go through in all the books.

Something I really loved was how much mental health, needing to put yourself first and having a support network were spoken about throughout this book. These are aspects so many of us forget about in our day to day lives so it was great to see this talked about in a constructive way that hopefully we can all take away something to help us.

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