Lovestruck – Bronwyn Sell

Welcome back everyone, after skipping a review on Monday last week I’m back with an Aussie (ok, fine, Kiwi) author! I’m still counting her as one of my Aussie authors, coz, you know. We take credit for all the good Kiwi things.

Based on the blurb I thought this was going to follow one couple (Amy and Josh) with little smatterings of the rest of the family in there as well.


The main love stories were Amy and Josh and Harry and Sophia. Although the various love interests and stories for the rest of the family were included as well. This definitely made it a tad hard to follow!

Once I figured out we’d be following two main stories, the length of the book (for a romance) made sense to me. I got to the point where I just wanted it to be over. It just got too long. I know it’s only 500 odd pages long, but that’s like double the length of most of the books I read these days and I felt like I would have preferred these to be two separate books.

There’s enough going on in this family that Bronwyn could easily have made this a series and I probably would’ve loved them. But for a single book it was a bit much.

I think it also dragged for a bit because I got a copy off NetGalley and the texts about three quarters of the way through the book were a bit jumbled up and I had to go backwards and forwards to read them in order. I’m sure the final versions wouldn’t have that issue, but it was something that made it difficult for me to stay engaged.

All the characters had a purpose. If you learnt something about them, there was a reason for it. It played a role in the wider story. Whether it be emotional development, drama or backstory development. There was a reason which made it all worthwhile.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review, next week I will be reviewing You May Kiss the Bridesmaid by Camilla Isley.

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