If it’s Only Love – Lexi Ryan

Welcome back everyone, the final instalment of the Jackson family of Jackson Harbour is here!

I’ve always felt that Shay was a great strong character who knew what she wanted and wouldn’t let anything ruffle her feathers. That was until the epilogue of the previous book where it turns out she’s not as strong and unflappable as I thought!

What I liked best about this book was how Lexi included the key events from the past as they impacted the present. When they’re referenced in the present you’re left like “wait what? What are they talking about?” and then the chapter ends and the next one shows us what happened then.

Rather than bombarding us with all that info that we’d have to then remember, or not showing us at all, I thought this was really clever and done perfectly. I loved Shay and Easton together the whole time. But I’m also glad that they had the struggles they did.

Right up to the very end of the book we’re left on the hook and it’s amazing!

The choices both of them made were true to them and their personality right until the very end.

The way a particular other character acted however was just despicable. How anyone can treat another person that they “love” like that amazes me. The way Shay handled that situation was so much more mature than I ever could! If I was in her shoes, I would’ve beaten the crap out of them and hopefully made sure they lost their job. At the very least, the respect of everyone around them.

I finished the book and was left going “THAT’S how you end a series!” Everything about the book was so well balanced, nothing felt out of character, everything felt like it had a reason for being there and it just worked. Seamlessly. I loved it!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review; on Monday I’ll be reviewing Lovestruck by Bronwyn Sell.

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