Holding Out for a Hero – T.E. Kessler and Louise Wise

Welcome back everyone, I’m desperately trying to keep up with my commitments. Especially those I made with Rachel.

I love sci-fi, alien romances and romances in general. So I jumped on the opportunity to read this series, one I hadn’t heard of before. In some ways this book is amazing, and then in others I hated it and felt the writer was immature, out of touch and generally needed help writing romances.

The politics, the intrigue, the action. It all kept me engaged, interested and wanting to read more.

What fell apart for me was the romance and sex scenes. They felt weird, out of touch and unrealistic. What really made this obvious for me was when Nacifer’s kinkiness came out. I’ve nothing against that kind of sexual antics, but it felt weird to bring it out within a couple of days of properly meeting and starting to date someone.

You’ve barely begun to explore each other’s bodies. How can you be bored enough to need to move onto other exploits so soon?

I also realised at that point that the book spans less than a week. I get instant attraction, lust etc. But love to the point of willing to die for the other, break oaths, turn your back on your own species? It just felt weird to me.

I also found the language used in all of the sex scenes was clinical, rushed and generally made me think the author was a guy trying to get into the female psyche. You know when guys try to talk dirty and as a woman, you’re like “that just feels gross, no, just stop talking, that’s not sexy”. That’s how I felt reading those sex scenes.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review; on Friday I’ll be reviewing Battle Magic by Tamora Pierce. Continue to read further down to find out about the author.

Author Bio

Tina Kessler writes steamy romance for the 18+ market and is the pen name of Louise Wise.

Louise Wise is a British author from the Midlands in England. Her debut novel is the acclaimed sci-fi romance titled EDEN, which was followed by its sequel HUNTED in 2013.

Forthcoming, JELVIA: NOT HUMAN series is themed on the above Eden and Hunted books.

  • SPIDER book 3 will be released late spring, 2020.

Wise took the decision to write under the name of T. E Kessler for her JELVIA: NOT HUMAN series to separate them from her regular novels to the mature material. Her other works include:

  • Eden (sci-fi romance) – slight sex references
  • Hunted (sci-fi romance) slight sex references
  • A Proper Charlie (romantic comedy)
  • Oh No, I’ve Fallen in Love! (dark, comedy romance)
  • Wide Awake Asleep (time travel, romance)

Wise enjoys writing comedy and finds a place for it in ALL her books. She has written numerous short stories for women’s magazines such as Take a Break and Woman’s Own.

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