Give me a Christmas

Zoe Ann Wood

Billionaires Abroad
Sweet Romance
She wanted to escape Christmas… Iris booked a skiing vacation in Switzerland to avoid her controlling parents’ Christmas plans. But now her travel companion is sick and she’s all alone – and freezing – in a “rustic” mountain shack. The last thing she needs is her gorgeous billionaire ex-boyfriend turning up and seeing her dressed in pajamas and fuzzy socks. He wanted a second chance… Finn’s mom is sick, and no amount of money he throws at her treatments can change that. Her dying wish is for Finn to find love. If bringing his childhood sweetheart home for the holidays will make her happy, then he’ll do it. Even if it means flying coach to Europe and sleeping on a lumpy couch. He never really got over Iris, and seeing her again only strengthens his resolve to win her back. Trouble is, she’s now angry at him and refusing to budge. A storm is brewing, and it’ll bring more than just snow… As their love rekindles, Iris will need to open up to Finn – but some secrets aren’t hers to share, and trusting him takes a leap of faith. Finn’s life is too different from hers, and she’s not sure she fits into it. But he won’t let her run away so easily this time. Give Me a Christmas is a clean holiday romance that’ll take you to the snowy slopes of Switzerland and give you that delicious and cozy Christmas feel.

Welcome back everyone, after Monday’s sad story that didn’t end as I was expecting I’ve gone back to a sweet romance.

I wasn’t expecting was for Iris to be so normal. By that I mean, she has a regular teaching job, she gets by but isn’t making millions and she’s working towards her career dreams. This type of character just didn’t add up to me when the blurb said she had a billionaire ex-boyfriend.

Normally in romances if billionaires are involved, they are dating each other, or the whole point of the story is that they unexpectedly get to know someone regular and end up together. You don’t normally find stories where there’s already history with the ex!

The fact that Finn seems to have grown up since they were together feels like a good thing. Iris is constantly surprised by it and struggles to accept that he’s being genuine. Which is totally understandable.

Zoe does an amazing job of drip feeding us bits and pieces of their past which kept me hooked. I wanted to know what happened between them, why did they break up, how long were they together for, is the dispute with the parents really as bad as it’s made out to be, how will Finn react when he finds out etc etc etc.

I was left hanging to the end to get all my questions answered. Although Zoe kept you on the line by answering one or two questions at a time, while raising more. I wasn’t left feeling like it was a rush to answer all the questions at the end, but I was still kept hooked.

I’d say this is one of her better sweet romances, and I think that comes down to her maturity as a writer developing now that she’s got a few books published in this genre. I feel like (and I’m not a writer so I don’t know for sure) it’s easier to create the right kind of drama in a paranormal romance compared to a sweet romance. So I can understand why it took Zoe a few books to find that groove and settle into it.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review, next week I will be reviewing A Deal with her Rebel King by Michelle Styles. Continue to read further down to find out about the author.


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