A Stolen Christmas Kiss

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Anne-Marie, Meyer, Juliet Bardsley, Kelsie Fann, M.F. Lorson, Randi Rigby, Shanae Johnson, Sherri G. Thomas and Zoe Ann Wood
Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit, Sweet Romance
Eight Sweet Holiday Romance Novellas, One Book to hold them all! Melting Mr. Grinch’s Heart Amelia is desperate to give her niece and nephew the best Christmas she can. As their newly appointed guardian, she won’t fail them. So when she’s informed that the annual Christmas party that her late sister was in charge of has been canceled, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She just never expected that the Grinch whose heart she must melt is none other than her ex, Samuel Jacobson. Christmas of Second Chances It’s the holiday season in Cedar Oaks, and Holly Fair finds herself alone yet again. Her husband passed away four years ago, both her son and daughter are on the other side of the country, and her best friend made a spontaneous trip to Paris. But when an ex-flame from her past, one who broke her heart in two, returns to Cedar Oaks, Holly wonders if she’s ready to move beyond the heartbreak of her past and embrace the magical romance of the holiday season. Christmas Chicken Ballad All Bethany wants for Christmas is to snuggle up next to her best friend and start their annual Christmas Movie Marathon. But when her bestie’s not-so-little brother comes back to town, all her plans start to crumble. Will he change Bethany’s wish list? Or will she stay couch-bound for another holiday season? Cruise Ship Christmas Emily Hart can’t go home for Christmas, not when her ex is the guest of honor. Her mother may think that a little extra time together will re-unite the couple, but Emily has other ideas. Warm, sunny, Caribbean cruise ideas! Her plan is to sip on daiquiris and catch up on her to-be-read pile, but things change when she bumps into the ships extra gorgeous, extra flirty, social coordinator. Nipping at Your Nose Austen had a plan, she never left home without one: fly to Prague, land the account, face the family. Ho, Ho, Ho. Statistically speaking—and she hadn’t done that since third grade—she had her Christmas nailed down. So it’s more than a speed bump when the tall, dark, and judgy guy sitting across the aisle from her on the plane turns out to be the competition. But she’s determined. And prepared. She hauled half her closet with her so she would be. If Zach Marsden could disarm with his smile, she could certainly turn heads with a French perfume and a click of her kitten heels. Do the rules of engagement apply at Christmas? Austen is about to find out. Santa Beastly Grumpy Vincent Clause’s plan to turn the town’s Christmas tree farm into a paper mill is not a popular one, especially not with the town’s #1 holiday enthusiast, Isabella Snow. Not that a man like Vincent, who prefers sonnets to society, cares what the beautiful bookworm thinks. When Bella goes to chop down a tree for the holidays she doesn’t expect her swing to land right at the heart of the handsome new owner… and give him a concussion. Now trapped in a snowstorm with a grumpy beast, can Bella get Vincent’s heart to thaw before the storm is over? On the Christmas Market Evie Broussard is worried that the holidays will never be the same. And they won’t… but that doesn’t mean she can’t start new traditions. When she books a last-minute trip to see Christmas markets in Europe, Evie finds things aren’t quite what she expected.

I was asked to review this book as part of Zoe Ann Wood’s collection of book bloggers. I decided to give it a read because I do love a Christmas romance, so having 8 short ones sounded pretty cool.

I’m going to review Zoe’s short story first, and in more depth because I wouldn’t have read it if it wasn’t for her. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t love the others! I’ll also add, I had a hard time trying to pick a favourite. So hard in fact, I never ended up picking one!

Give me Snow and Mistletoe

I think the first thing we need to acknowledge with this story is that cyber stalking is very much a thing we’re all guilty of having done at some point. So it’s no surprise that both Eva and Noah participated in some light cyber stalking before a meddling grandmother conspired to get them on a date before Christmas comes.

I found myself laughing at some of the antics that happened while also feeling like the openness of the characters would never happen in real like. But hey, that shouldn’t get in the way of a sweet, short Christmas romance story! You know it’s going to be a bit faster than normal coz it’s a short story. It just wouldn’t work otherwise.

My only disappointment was the epilogue not giving me a description of the final local. That’s probably because I love reading those kinds of descriptions and love it when it can be described vividly. But that’s nothing compared to the rest of the book and purely a personal thing, nothing against the story.

Melting Mr Grinch’s Heart

I was a little hesitant about this story, but I ended up quite liked it. I’m with Amelia that Grinch’s should be made to love Christmas, so her battle to get Samuel to love Christmas is something I can totally relate to. This goes into my top 4 short stories for this collection.

Christmas of Second Chances

Sandra and Nick are more mature than most romances but at the same time, so sweet! It’s even a second chance romance! How many of those do you see? This goes into my top 4 short stories for this collection.

Christmas Chicken Ballad

Who falls in love with their best friends’ brother? Well, in this case it’s a big issue and the younger brother is pursuing his older sisters’ best friend. The fact that he’s a hot, bass guitarist for a successful band makes things a bit easier doesn’t it? This goes into my top 4 short stories for this collection.

Cruise Ship Christmas

When you go on a singles cruise you probably think you’re gonna hook up with some other cruiser’s yea? You don’t expect to fall for the staff and see a whole different side to a cruise while avoiding your family. This goes into my top 4 short stories for this collection.

Nipping at your Nose

I think this was my actual favourite story out of all of them. If I could have had this in a novel length story, I would totally read it. The way Austen and Zach immediately connect, but not necessarily on a sexual level is great. The way it develops was so sweet and so on point that I wanted more.

Santa Beastly

As sweet as this story is, I just didn’t buy into it at any point. I was left disconnected and left thinking that it was completely implausible. I find I can’t connect with a story if it’s not plausible. For me, it just didn’t quite make it.

On the Christmas Market

After losing her parents, it’s probably not the best idea to be jetting off to Slovenia. Especially at Christmas time with a group of seniors. The instant attraction and appreciation between Evie and Keller is amazing. But it’s their intellectual conversations that challenge each other that really makes this story. Although there’s some good lessons that can be learned from this short story.


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  1. Ah! Gonna add this to my virtual wanna read. It seems right off my alley to start with something like this with some few holiday romances to start reading christmassy books for the first time!

    1. OOOO!!!!! Yeas!!! I love a good Christmas romance but it’s probably good to start off with some short stories to get a feel for them. If you end up liking them you can come back and read reviews of other Christmas review’s I’ve done 🙂

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