From a Position of Strength

Sean Heary

Rossi Series
Suspense, Murder Mystery
Lying by the pool under a clear Tuscan sky, LORENZO ROSSI, the former head of the Vatican police, receives a surprise visit from his ex-fiancée, CIA Agent, CATHY DOHERTY. Cathy is concerned about Rossi’s safety. Three nights ago, a Russian GRU agent, ELENA TRUSOVA, was critically injured when her car left a remote road leading to Rossi’s family olive farm in Siena, Italy. Rossi ensures Cathy the proximity of the accident is pure coincidence, but agrees to investigate after Cathy revealed Trusova was a double agent working for the CIA and on her way to see him. For what purpose, she can only speculate. But one thing was for sure: his life was in danger. With the help of Trusova’s friends and lovers, Rossi and Cathy piece together a gold mine of intelligence that, if authentic, points to another right-wing Conspiracy. One that Rossi is reluctant to involve himself, but has no choice. As dead bodies pile up around them, Rossi and Cathy couldn’t help but wonder why they were still alive. They concluded the CIA or other state actors were using them to hunt down a piece of red-hot evidence that, if made public, would bring down the US President and perhaps prevent nuclear Armageddon.

This book contains:

  • Attempted murder
  • Multiple murders
  • Moving a dead body and staging a murder
  • Espionage
  • Plans for mass murder
  • Treason.

Cathy and Rossi are back. If you’ve read my reviews of their earlier escapade’s you’d be familiar with them, but just in case you’re not.

Cathy is a CIA Analyst who finds herself out in the field when she wouldn’t normally be. She’s worked hard to get herself the life she’s got today and won’t apologise for how she got to where she is. She’s sassy, practical and does everything she can to get to the truth of anything she’s working on.

Rossi is a charming, flirty ex-Vatican Police commander who want’s nothing to do with Cathy. Especially when she turns up unexpectedly. Since leaving the Vatican, he’s spent his downtime learning all manner of skills one wouldn’t expect him to learn.

Cathy suddenly flies into Rome and drags Rossi into yet another hair brained espionage scheme expecting him to work with her. As they traipse from Rome, to Gaeta, and back to Rome, over and over as they slowly figure out what is actually going on.

Their previous cases feel like they’re perfectly simple in comparison to how complex this case turned out to be. With so many players, so many possibilities, it got a little crazy there for a moment.

I feel a little conflicted about this third instalment.

While I loved the mystery and trying to figure out what was going on, the ending left a little to be desired.

I was expecting to take about a week to read this, but I got so caught up trying to keep up with all the changes and every new bit of information, that I smashed through it in a couple of days. I mean, there was A LOT to keep up with!

But then, when I got to the epilogue, I wasn’t impressed. It was a great ending. I just think I needed another chapter to close out my last few questions before we got the epilogue. I don’t want to ruin the book by telling you what my questions were, but they were enough to leave me feeling a bit deflated.


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