Wrap Up – September

After having a great time off in Vietnam last month, I spent a good chunk of this month off work sick. And I don’t meant the sick where I could relax and read. I mean I type where I was stuck on the couch barely able to put two words together. So I watched A LOT of TV!

I also had my birthday this month. My family kindly bought me the Outlander series so I can read those and compare the books to the show.

I’m not sure if you can tell, but I took the plunge and got my grey hair situation fixed. By dying it greyer!


Let’s just say my partner wasn’t impressed. He wanted me to hide them. I quite like it though, what do you think? Can you even tell in the photo?

(Please excuse the shitty jumper and trackies, it’s still cold and since I’ve been studying so much I’ve been staying comfortable.)

I’ve had the quietest month in some time review wise. I’ve been pretty busy with study and I didn’t want to stress myself out so I put myself on a ban for new tours the involve reviews. I just couldn’t sign up for more and stay sane while trying to get back to healthy.

My Fav

OMG this is a hard one! My two 5 star ratings are so very different… I guess I go with the one I could see there being more of? And could imagine what the sequel would be like?

Which is A Different Time by Michael K. Hill brought to me by The Write Reads Ultimate Book Tour.

I loved reading this was literally finished it in one night. I was also immediately fan girling with David and a few others over how it ended.

Clue, you’ll need tissues ready!

I really do think you should read this if you’re even remotely a fan of romance.

But I really also want to give a shout out to Rewrite the Stars which I had the publisher reach out to ask if I wanted to read it. It totally doesn’t do anything that I expected and I think it broke a few tropes. So I hope you hop on over and check that out too!

My Least Fav

I need to preface this with the fact that Babe Driven isn’t actually that bad. There’s just less depth, thought and overall brain engagement compared to the others.

If I was voting on which was my least favourite easy read, this definitely wouldn’t be the one sitting here right now.

But it really was just that, I great easy read that fed you little bits of info at a time without it being overly complex.

What’s Coming

OK. So October. I’ve got a few reviews scheduled. And that’s about it…

I’m going to have a crazy month trying to finish off 5 assessments for two units and starting the last unit for my Diploma. (OMG I’m getting so close!) As I’m writing this I’m taking a break from preparing a webinar presentation using software I’ve never used before. Lets just say it has been trying experience and I’m super nervous for how the trial will go on Monday.

Also, I’m stressing coz my footy team is in the Grand Final and I dunno if they are going to win… I’ll add a bonus pic at the end IF we win… Fingers crossed!

My 2019 Goals

I’ll start with the positive. I’m only 11 books away from my increased reading goal of 85 books this year. So I feel like I’m on track to smash that out of the park as well. And I’ve realised I have a few Aussie male author’s books on my Kindle that I haven’t read yet. So I’ve got some options to be able to finish the Aussie Author Challenge.

The series reviews don’t like they will get finished this yr… I’ll see how I go for next yr lol!

And let’s just say that I’m back to the start for my weight goal… I mean… I haven’t weighed myself recently. Coz why would you when you’ve spent the last month sick and unable to exercise, then it’s your birthday so there’s lots of food and alcohol involved?

I’ll just try and pick this back up next month…


Don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comments below!

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8 Replies to “Wrap Up – September”

  1. You read so many book I hadn’t even heard about, so now I’m vigorously searching them down on Goodreads to add. One of my best friends loves to read romance novels so I’m definitely gonna recommend A Different Time to her! Also side note, I think your hair looks super cute!

    1. A lot of my books I’ve been getting from tours with Rach Random Resources which does tend to feature UK based romance writers (she does lots of other tours but those tend to be the ones I participate in). I’m not sure if you’re based in America? If you are that might be why? Or it could just be a combination of me reading a genre you don’t read a lot of and my dislike of reading hyped books?

    1. That he does! If the next one wasn’t YA and in a period where I’m already fully booked (seriously I have reviews fully booked until the new year :|) I’d probably be jumping in again!

    1. The ending with my footy team winning certainly helped 🙂 All my friends and family were sending me messages congratulating me coz they know I’m a bit of a mad fan hehehe 🙂

  2. Oh, I hate that kind of sick! But glad you’re feeling better. And I hope you love the Outlander books. I’m still somewhere in the middle of book 4 (I think?) and I still plan to finish them one day .. we’ll see ^^

    And I loved the ending of A Different Time!! I’m so glad I was part of that book tour, too because I never would have picked up this book on my own, I usually don’t reach for romance but it was really good!

    1. Funnily enough I’m back to being sick! I really hate how easily I get sick. I’ve been watching Outlander and I’ve been loving it but after reading the first book I’m wondering how many differences there are. Which I’ll be exploring next year hopefully!

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