Wrap Up – May 2019

May has absolutely FLOWN by and I feel like I’ve achieved pretty much nothing. I’ve only read 5 books (although Outlander was a mammoth sized book and I’m halfway through another pretty big one…) and have barely made a dent in my assignments while fighting off a bad cold.

Pretty sure my body is rebelling and is forcing me to sleep and rest tomorrow but I’ll have to wait and see.

My Fav

I feel like I’ve gone on about this series a fair bit. But I’m just loving it! And I’m LOVING the fact that I’m getting spoiled with free copies in exchange for an honest review!

What more could a history, fantasy, romance loving bookworm want?

But seriously, go check out my review of Son of the Moon and the rest of the series!

FYI – the rest of the series includes The Road to Alexander and Legends of Persia (in reading order).

My Least Fav

Tuscan Enchantment is only the third book I can truly say I didn’t enjoy that Rach Random Resources offered on tour. Which was such a shame because I really do love historical sites, reading them described in different ways and learning something new about somewhere I want to go.

And the worst part is, if this book was set historically I think it could’ve been great because it sounded like the author’s natural writing style is best suited to that genre.

What’s coming up

The next few months are pretty much entirely tours. And since Rach Random Resources is my main source of tours, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of her stuff coming up!

She almost always picks great books and authors to promote though so I’m sure you’ll love the ones we have coming up!

I’m also going to need to spend probably the first half of June smashing out two assignments (well I guess it’s three but the third one is a reflection so doesn’t take quite as much effort) before getting a couple of weeks to chill out before the next unit starts. And I have already found a cool looking new wine bar that I reckon my partner and I could enjoy.

It even has craft beer and ribs for him. I mean, how else was I going to convince a beer lover to come to a swanky looking wine bar with me? O and coz it’s not too far from a bus stop we wont’t even need to compete for parking in an area that is awful to find parking in! Even for my parking goddess skills.

No joke, I can ALWAYS find a park, even when it’s Christmas mad shopping times. It’s weird but I love my super power!

My 2019 Goals Update

Short answer. There is none other than I’m now up to 38 books read for the year.

Also, I keep coming up with ideas for great discussion posts or series posts but then have no time to write them!! I promise one day I’l l get there!

And that’s a wrap for another month! I’ll see you on Monday for my first review for June!


Don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comments below!

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4 Replies to “Wrap Up – May 2019”

  1. May really did fly by, didn’t it? And I really need to get around to the Time for Alexander Series, every time you post about it I’m like ‘I want to read it!’ Glad to hear you have parking super powers, feel free to share those 😉 and I hope your assignments go well!

    1. You really should read them! I’ve got the 4th book and I’ll be starting that as soon as I finish my current read.
      My latest example of my parking superpowers was going to pick up the fish and chips for dinner last week. The week before I went in while my partner kept driving round the block till it was ready. When I go, there’s a spot literally right in front of the door and 5 cars came into the car park after me so guess who got the spot? hehehehehe

  2. Ouh, i agree- outlander is MASSiVE!! Good thing you could finish five with that one !

    Goodluck for the smash of assignments, you can do it !! You’ll have time to chill all you want after ! 😊 Ohh that’s nice – damn I wish we had that kind of luck! Ahaha for us it’s quite always the opposite 😅 but hey- that’s good, no need of a designated driver or anything!

    1. I’m almost scared to start the rest of the Outlander series coz they are all of a similar size by the looks of the physical books.

      I did manage to get my assignments done (yeas!!!) so I’ve been relaxing, catching up on blog stuff I’ve been wanting to get done for ages and generally taking it easy before it gets hectic again.

      Yea whenever we need to drive somewhere that’s going to be busy my partner gets me to drive just so we will get a park easy lol!

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