Wrap Up – June 2019

We have officially reached winter. That means lots of teas, hot chocolates (dairy and soy free for me) and fireside nights with lazy mornings in bed on the weekends. In a way I love this weather coz we get to have the fire going and just chill and not do anything.

But then on the other hand my asthma flares up, you lose motivation to exercise and overall just want to hibernate through to warmer weather. I know my hometown of Melbourne doesn’t quite get as cold as some other cities out there. But we’re the second coldest state in Australia and I go around in a ski jacket pretty much from May through to October.

My Fav

I think the Baobab Beach Retreat got a bit of a head start here since it’s coming into winter and I got to read about sunshine, beaches, lovely weather and a relaxing holiday while I’m stuck in weather that’s just getting colder and colder.

Not to mention I’m due for a holiday soon. Like a proper relax on the beach kind of holiday. So this one really took me away from my current cold climate and I loved that.

My Least Fav

I really didn’t need to think about this one. I just really didn’t enjoy The Bastard!

The blurb had such great promise that I requested it off Netgalley. Got approved and then it all just kind of fell apart.

I felt kind of like I’d been lied to and I hated it. All the promise of the suspense, the sexual tension. And then….nothing when I read it….

It just didn’t do it for me, sorry.

Whats coming up

Well I have more Rach Random Resources tours coming in July. I’m HOPING I can finally get the rest of the Circle Universe reviews out for you. Just depends on how productive I am getting those reviews written and artwork created.

I’ve also got a few discussion posts I’m preparing alongside another book series that I’ve read, written reviews for and have artwork ready to go. So you never know. I might give you those before the Circle Universe ones!

My 2019 Goals Update

Thanks to spending the first week of June in bed sick and basically not eating for a week (I promise I wasn’t hungry, I ate whenever I was hungry which just happened to be once a day for breakfast!) I lost 2kgs (YAY!) and even better. I’ve KEPT it off since getting better and eating normally again!

On another note. This one isn’t really a goal but I’m getting some kicks out of it. It turns out I’m following in my dads footsteps and going grey before I hit 30. Now all I gotta do is figure out how to dye my hair grey in a way that doesn’t look weird and gets me through the shitty “I’m trying to go grey but only in random hairs here and there” phase. I’m all for ageing gracefully and I’d be fighting a losing battle with the grey, so I might as well embrace it!

O also, I’m like 15 books ahead of my Goodreads book challenge but woefully behind on my Aussie Author challenge. I really need to pull out some of my Aussie author’s from my TBR pile.

I hope your June has been great and you’ll see me with new reviews over the next two days! That’s right! I’m kicking off the new financial year (yea in Australia our financial year starts July 1st, weird I know) with two reviews in a row!


Don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comments below!

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6 Replies to “Wrap Up – June 2019”

  1. 15 books ahead? Go you! That first/fave book makes me want to go to the beach! I miss proper summer weather. I look forward to what you bring in July to your blog!

    1. Yea not sure how I got that fair ahead… July will be a hell of a lot of tours (the first one has already gone live!)

  2. That was kinda wierd to read it’s winter for you, when for us it’s going into summer xD

    I’ve seen people around that age just going grey for the hell of it, so I find that actually quite cool ! Good for you to wanna embrace it and not hide them. You can also hop for a more “un-natural grey” if you want aswell, so it don’t look as blend! all the possibilities !

    Woohoo- all thoses books ahead ! Now you can focus on your aussies 😘

    1. Yea it’s weird for me when you guys are going into winter and I’m like “BRING ON SUMMER AND CHRISTMAS! WHOOOHOOO!!!”

      I was dying my hair blonde for a couple of yrs to hide the greys so I could just slowly dye it less and less. Then it started going all dead like so I went back to brunette. But I if you have nay tips other than dying my hair to the point of it dying I’d be happy to hear suggestions on how to encourage a nice transition to grey!

      Although I’m heaps ahead on my reading challenge I’m fully booked with either tours or author/Netgalley request until like mid-September. After that I will DEFINITELY need to make time for my Aussie authors!

      1. Christmas with no snow soumds just SO wierd to me 😂😂 I’d like to experience it atleast ONCE, but being born like that, it’s un-usually odd..

        1. O you definitely need to experience an Australian Christmas then! My family does it outside, BBQ going with seafood, burgers etc, cocktails, wine and COLD beers (Aussies like their beers colder than the rest of the world). It’s so great and I find it so relaxing that after eating a big lunch we can just sit back and soak up the sun with a drink in hand and sunnies on.

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