Wrap Up – January 2019

Welcome to my first ever Wrap Up post!

So this month I somehow managed to cram in 8 book reviews, of which none. That’s right! NONE came from my TBR pile.

Of these 8 books I had a bit of a mixed reaction to them so I thought I’d let you know which one’s were my favs verses my least favs and why when I look back at these books. Because obviously I read in advance of posting so some of these I read like 2 months ago almost.

My Fav

This one was a little bit of a surprise for me because I signed up for this tour in October. So I’d completely forgotten about it until I triple checked Rach Random Resources website for all the tour’s I’d signed up for and their dates in mid-December.

Thankfully I remembered pretty quickly once I started reading it that it was the time travel book I’d signed up for.

Reading the book I was really enjoying it, and because I like to know how much more of the book I have to enjoy (or suffer in some cases) I kept checking how much I had left. Only to realise that I wasn’t going to get all my answers in this book.

Lucky for me Jennifer has signed the second book up for a tour in April. So come the 15th of April you will be able to find out what I thought of the second book!

Click here to read the review.

My Least Fav

So this one is my least fav because there were more things with this one that I didn’t like compared to a couple of the others.

Unless you know Australia well you probably wouldn’t even notice these things. But because I’m Aussie and I’d like to think (I’m more than likely deluding myself) I know my country fairly well. I just couldn’t stop researching maps trying to figure out where the hell this was set!

That and all the little things about Aussie culture (especially outback culture) that just didn’t feel right made this really difficult for me at times.

Don’t get me wrong, the story was quite good. The romance was there etc. I just don’t think I’d go back and read this again compared to the other books I reviewed this month.

Click here to read the review.

My Something Different

This was the first review I did from BookGlow and I quite enjoyed it!

Not only was it funny to read, but it’s something unlike anything I’ve read in the past.

It felt much more biographical (I’m not really a fan of biographies) than most of my books and it put a spin on our view of history and religion in a way that didn’t feel fantastical compared to Charlie Ludlow’s The Things We Learn When We’re Dead.

Click here to read the review.

What’s coming up?

So I have a few things coming up in February. I actually realised today when I was preparing to write this up that I’ve actually read and written all the reviews for February!

This is even more surprising since there will be another 8 reviews next month! Granted, two of them are a special guest appearance to review a couple of children’s books. Now, these are a once off (the children’s book part), so if you’ve got kids, or have friends or family with kids you might be interested in these reviews.

Also, I am fully booked up until mid-April with reviews with a mix of Rach Random Resources, BookGlow, author requests and my own TBR pile. And I’m working about 4-5 weeks in advance at the moment. Which is good because it means I don’t have as much pressure given the study I need to do this yr.

My 2019 Goals Update

Finally! Last thing to leave you with for today!

Of the goals I set for myself for 2019 I have really only made progress on my Goodreads challenge to read 65 books.

So far I have read 6 books since January 1st and according to Goodreads I am 2 books ahead of schedule.

Hopefully during February I can try and make some progress on my other goals. So I will see you on Friday with my first review for February, Made to Break your Heart by Richard Fellinger brought to me by BookGlow.


Don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comments below!

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4 Replies to “Wrap Up – January 2019”

  1. Holy cow you’re on top of things! I’m super impressed with how much you’ve knocked out especially just gettin’ it all done for February really. I’m adding your Alexander book to my tbr, always looking for great historical placed novels!

    1. I was really lucky that I got super ahead in November and December coz I was reading like 2 books a week. Keep an eye out for the review of the second book for Alexander in April. Unfortunately I haven’t read it yet but I’m looking forward to it!

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