Wrap Up – August

I spent the first two weeks of this month over in Vietnam, pretty much not reading. I’d planned on reading 3 books while I was away and succeeded in reading only 1/4 of one book. I’d normally say that constitutes a slump but I was having too much fun at the beach, out sight seeing etc and hanging out with my partner and friends to care.

I mean why would you want to read when you could be doing this? (Yes I did need to share because I had such a good time!)

But that has left me a little stressed going into September since I’m now behind schedule. Luckily the authors I’m working with were ok with me pushing reviews for their books to October so I won’t be rushing and forcing reviews.

I still had quite a few reviews go live this month, luckily I tend to work 3-4 weeks in advance so there was no issue with these ones being ready to go. Even while I was away.

See? I still managed 9 reviews!

My Fav

When You Were Mine was the only book this month to get a 5 star rating. So that made picking my fav easy!

I just loved how Lisa pushed the boundaries of what a family can look like. I loved that it shows there’s no one way a family should be together.

It also showed the effects of drugs, alcohol and fame. Not just the impact to those directly involved in that. But also to those around them and those that are related to them.

There really is so much to love about this book. And the writing just executes it perfectly!

My Least Fav

Although Give me a Dream was a good story. Overall, it just had more things I didn’t like compared to the other books this month.

It was the little things that irked me and made it feel a little more stilted than it needed to be. Even though it was still a good story, it just wasn’t quite on the same level when it came to ease of reading compared to the others.

What’s coming

September is going to be a lot quieter. I’ve already mentioned that I’ve pushed out two reviews to October. Over the month I’m now scheduled to do 5 reviews, 1 discussion and 1 promo post.

At the time I’m writing this for you I’ve still got 3 of the 5 books to review to read 😐

It’s going to be a mad dash by looks of it to get those read and ready before they need to go live…. Not to mention get a start on Octobers books…

My 2019 goals

You’d think going on holiday’s would make you put on weight wouldn’t you? I mean, you’re drinking (do you know how much carbs and sugar are in alcohol?!), eating whenever and whatever you want and typically exercising less.

Yet in Vietnam the food is so fresh, you’re drinking giant ice blocks in the beer and doing so much walking I actually lost 500g! It’s not much but given I wasn’t actively trying I’m pretty impressed! I doubt I’ve kept it off though since I got sick on my second last day there and have spent most of my first week back either wishing I was in bed, or in bed sick.

I’ve also mentioned I’ve made like no progress in the way of reading books. I really do mean that… I’m now getting less far ahead due to not reading hahahaha but hopefully September will be better.


Don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comments below!

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6 Replies to “Wrap Up – August”

  1. Oh my lord lady! How do you read at all while there? That beach is breath taking. The food looks absolutely exquisite! It sounds like you had an incredible time. Who cares about a reading schedule!!!! That is fantastic! What a brilliant trip! Thank you so much for sharing your vacation with everyone. I doubt I’ll ever to get to see that part of the world and am thrilled to have seen it through your eyes.

    1. I love your comment 😊 I wasn’t sure if people would care about my trip but I really wanted to share it. That Beach I showed? That’s the ugliest of all the beaches we went to. Thanks to the Chinese building some hydro dam thing (not 100% sure what it is) all the currents in that area have changed meaning all the sand is being taken away from the beaches and dumping them on coral and fishing areas destroying the local fishing hot spots. To try and stop it the Vietnamese have resorted to putting HUGE sandbags all along the beach to try and stop so much sand from shifting. It’s so crazy and I have photos from trips 5 years ago where if you compare it to now there’s no denying the effect that dam thing has had.

  2. It looks like you had a great trip, those pictures are beautiful and I wouldn’t be reading much if I were there either! It’s awesome that the authors are all understanding, and I hope you can catch up on your blogging duties & reading soon.

    1. I’m so glad others agree that they wouldn’t read much either while there. And yes, I’m lucky the authors were ok with the change!

  3. I came here mainly to see the pictures lol and I’m so glad I did, it sounds like you had such a great time and it’s okay to slow down when you need to! Sounds like a great month!!

    1. Thank you! I was tossing up whether to include them or not but I decided on “why not? I had a great time and want to share!”

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