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I was tagged by Emily the Book Nerd to do this tag. While I read Emily’s responses I thought it could be interesting but also hard to think up 10 things weird about myself (that I’m willing to share!). This tag was created by Delly on Twitter, you can also find them at their blog.

Why am I weird tag rules

  • List ten weird things about yourself, your life, or silly habits that you wouldn’t normally share
  • Tag up to ten people so you can get to know them better
  • Link back to the person who tagged you and the creator
  • Comment on the posts of people you tagged!

My ten weird facts are:

  1. So long as my neck isn’t having a bad day, I can lick my elbow. Yes, I know they say it’s impossible, but my partner can vouch for me that my ridiculously long tongue allows me to defy that rule.
  2. My maths skills are so bad I’ve significantly overpaid my credit card several times. Do you know how embarrassing it is to call your bank and be like “So I paid like $800 onto my credit card yesterday, can I have $700 of that back please? Why? O coz I can’t do maths and thought I owed $800….”
  3. My partner and I have been together for over 7 years now, been living together for almost 5 and still sleep in separate bedrooms. Why? Coz he snores and I don’t wanna deal with that crap! My sleep is SOOOO much better when I sleep alone! Don’t worry, I still love him, and we do spend weekends together, I just need my beauty sleep on work nights.
  4. I have a superpower. I don’t mean one of those flashy one’s where I can save the world. I mean one of those really practical ones that I’m sure everyone would love to have. For me, I can find a car park within like 2 minutes of looking. Even when it’s PACKED! True story. I now have to be the one to drive when we go Christmas shopping coz at least I can get us a park.
  5. I can have an entire conversation with you while I’m asleep. My partner hasn’t tried so I don’t actually know if I still do this. But I know I used to do it to my mum all the time when she’d come home from work and come in to say goodnight to me when I was growing up.
  6. I also used to sleepwalk to the point where my parents had to close every door between my room and a room with an alarm in it to stop me wandering into a room with an alarm. Coz who wants to be woken up at god knows what time of the night coz their kid slept walked? The worst part for them? I wouldn’t even wake up. I’d just wander on back to bed and leave them to get up to turn the alarm off.
  7. Up until like last year (when I turned 28) I kept getting ID’d when I’d try and buy alcohol which is like 8 years too long in my opinion. Note for my international readers: here in Australia the drinking age is 18.
  8. I’m following in my dad’s footsteps and going grey before I’ve reached 30. It actually started back when I was like 25 but my sister (also my hairdresser) and I kept pulling them out. But I think I’ve reached that critical point where I won’t be able to keep up with them popping up anymore.
  9. I was born and raised an only child but have two sisters. And no, they aren’t both step siblings. One of them was my sister from as soon as I was born, and we actually are related.
  10. I have jaundice which makes my skin look olive, but I can never get past golden when I tan. Also, fun fact. I only found out about the jaundice a few years ago, and only because my new doctor’s clinic uses the same pathology company as the doctor I went to growing up.

Ok well that’s 10 weird facts about me. I hope none of them were scary, and hopefully you got a few good laughs from them. Feel free to do this tag even if I don’t tag you coz it is kinda fun sitting here thinking up these facts!

Who am I tagging?

8 Replies to “Why am I weird”

  1. Oh thoses are some interesting ones! Mmmh- I gotta start thinking on mine 😂

    Wow- whole conversations while asleep.. thats kinda impressive! I also used to sleepwalk, never to the point of roaming outside but I fidgetted with the door so much I managed to unlock it. I also didnt woke up.. ive been told my parents would just catch me and tell me to go back to bed and i’d just be like « okay! » turn around and go back to my room 😂😂

    1. Ye if my parents got up and told me to go to bed I would. I even had friends tell me on school camp I wouldn’t wake up even when people were walking on me to go to the toilet at night (think long tarp tent where were all in a line with me at the end) so that was pretty funny. Apart from the bruises I collected from those adventures 😕

  2. Thank you so much for the tag!!

    My husband claims that I have full conversations with him while I am asleep, but at the same time he does the exact same thing to me when he’s sleeping. So honestly, I can’t say for certain that he’s wrong! Either way, we always hope it wasn’t anything important because neither of us remember in the morning. I too am going gray ridiculously early, I started at 13 though.

    1. Yea it can be funny. My partner has never tried to have a conversation with me while I’m asleep. He’s asked me a question a couple of times and I replied then the gets annoyed at me the next day when I do the opposite and I’m like “what are you talking about?” Lol

  3. thanks for the tag, though I’m pretty boring so I don’t think I’d be able to come up with ten weird facts / quirks (which is part of why I listed a preference not to be tagged in these kinds of posts 😜)

    your facts are really fascinating, some of them give me secondhand stress thinking of what your parents went through when you were young! I can’t buy alcohol legally, but I suspect that I’ll be getting ID’d for a while – when I’m walking around my university campus I sometimes get mistaken for a lost high school (or once, middle school) student 🤔 though I’ve also been stopped and asked for directions just as frequently, so idk honestly.

    1. O I’m sorry! Don’t feel obligated to do it and you can always take your time. I was tagged over a week ago but wanted to take the time to think up stuff which still took me a couple of days.

      Yea luckily my mum was a light sleeper so she could get me before I actually got into a room with an alarm coz I was clumsy while asleep so struggled to open the doors

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