Two for Boarding – Lasairiona E. McMaster

This book contains:

  • Domestic violence
  • BDSM – pleasure Dom (see Goodreads for description of what this includes).

Kenzie is a kick ass, strong, confident woman who’s joined the Snow Pirates as their team physio. And yet, her past that no one really seems to know much about has shaped who she is now and has left lasting emotional scars that she has to try and overcome on a daily basis.

Austin is a quiet guy who keeps his private life private, while still being there to support his teammates however he can. His last Sub left him unexpectedly leaving him unsure of himself with his confidence severely beaten, not that he’ll let anyone else know.

Kenzie and Austin meet at the rink and instantly have a connection almost straight away, not that they do anything to explore it at the time. When Kenzie’s friends bring her to a BDSM club for a fun night out, Austin happens to be there at the same time, and they spend some time chatting. While Kenzie’s innocence is hard to miss, Austin does his best to explain the rules of BDSM and the club without scaring Kenzie.

As time goes on, Kenzie and Austin connect and slowly get to know each other while exploring Austin’s BDSM preferences while finding out what Kenzie enjoys as well.

One thing Lasairiona doesn’t shy away from is the various ways in which couples can enjoy each other. In every book she writes she includes these details, and in this case, the intricacies around BDSM.

I’m sure by now most of us know about 50 Shades of Grey, and therefore have a particular view as to what BDSM is all about. Well in Austin’s case, he’s nothing like that!

By exploring BDSM through Austin introducing Kenzie to it, Lasairiona shows us a completely different view that I think is much healthier for everyone involved. Not only is Austin able to explore his own emotional vulnerabilities, but he’s also able to support Kenzie through her own challenges in a way that ensures she’s safe and loved while coming to grips with her own trauma’s.

If you’re not info sexy books or public displays, you might struggle with elements of this book, but I still think you should read it. It left me with such a powerful feeling at the end, one that I can’t quite describe but still left a lasting impact, that I think you should read this to explore those themes.

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