The Modified Blueprint

Kellyn Thompson

The Unexpected Inlander
The mission seemed straightforward: Get in. Get the Cipher. Get out. But the Cipher is just the beginning. Having achieved the highest status in the agency, Chris is settling into his new position as a boss when one of his agents discovers an item for sale on the black market. She believes it is called the “Cipher” and that it is highly sought after by the opposition. When Chris proposes opening a new mission to retrieve this “Cipher” before it reaches the enemy, the agency suggests a plan that will put his new position of authority—and his marriage—to the test. With only days to prepare, he is sent back into the field to work undercover in the ominous Purebred Communities. Once inside, he quickly learns that the official reports were misleading and that the contained society is far more dangerous than he had been led to believe. Fortunately, his extensive training and experience has already prepared him for the unexpected. He is prepared for the unknown and prepared to find the Cipher. But nothing can prepare him for the truth. In this gripping sequel to The Unexpected Inlander, Chris sees firsthand the inner workings of a contained society, confronts the leader of an intricate criminal network, and uncovers unfathomable information about the past.

This book contains:

  • Prisoner of war type treatment of one group of people
  • Attempted murder

Chris and Cameron are back, this time as a team.

Cameron is in on the job. This time as the key asset. She’s forced with facing the reality of where she would have been as a Purebred if her family wasn’t rich. Not only that, but she’s forced to face her remaining family and what the loss of them means to her. The emotional turmoil challenges her in ways she hasn’t been challenged before.

Right in time to set her up for her next challenge in what sounds like a third book coming! Chris is back in the field to support Cameron as she enters a Purebred Community, and as she confronts her family, what they’ve done in the past and what their legacy is continuing to do. Unlike in The Unexpected Inlander, Chris is the secondary character with Cameron taking centre stage. Although his character does give us some insight into how the government of the Sectors operates and gives us clues of some potential issues before facing a crisis of his own identity.

Chris and his team discover a new item for sale that worries them. To help them find out what it is, Cameron is enlisted. She’s sent into a Purebred Community where she’s able to help them find the information they need to chase down and recover the Cipher.

Through two states they chase down and negotiate for the cryptic Cipher. They have no idea what it is, all they know is that they must get it for the safety of the Sectors. In doing so they learn some unfortunate truths about their families and themselves. These truths are so dramatic but come so late they feel like they’re setting up for a third book rather than really impacting the storyline of this one.

I really enjoyed myself reading this one. I thought The Unexpected Inlander was a stand-alone book, so this sequel came as a bit of a surprise for me. Who knew so much drama and intrigue could happen in one family? Especially when almost all of them are already dead?!

Unlike the first book, as we get towards the end of this one it starts setting up some things that I’m assuming will come to light in a third book. When those hints follow up so much drama, emotional turmoil and intrigue, what will we be in for in the next book?

I’m really looking forward to the next one to see what will happen next for these two!


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