The Centurions Wife

Rachael Stewart

Historical Romance, Erotica
One woman a body slave. One woman freed. One man destined to serve Rome. Gaius loves his wife, but his duty is to Rome. And they want him. He is to leave Aurelia to a household served by slaves. Slaves that once saw her as a peer and now resent her for her freedom. But a parting gift is bestowed: Lucia and Lucius, body slaves, masters in the art of pleasure. Entrusted with her happiness, Aurelia’s perfect innocence is a challenge like none other…

This book contains:

  • Slavery of all kind, with a particular emphasis on sex slaves.

Gaius is a Roman Centurion with his own land, household and wife, Aurelia. While Gaius has wrong up as a citizen of Rome and therefore certain privileges, Aurelia was taken by Rome as a slave until Gaius fell in love and raised her out of slavery to become his wife.

Lucia and Lucius are the body slaves (and sometimes/frequently sex slaves) of the wife of Gaius’ Commander. As slaves, they have little choices and forced to go where they’re bid.

When Gaius is called to leave his home and train more Centurion’s, he’s left with a problem as he doesn’t trust his household to protect and care for Aurelia. Because of his concerns, Lucia and Lucius are gifted to Aurelia to see to her comforts and ensure she’s happy and safe while he’s away.

This Roman practically erotica novella is a big change of pace for Rachael, normally she write more contemporary styles with a mix of some spiciness and plain sweet romances. In contrast, this novella is way further up the spiciness spectrum to almost an erotica, and set way back in Roman times.

Given the spiciness warning Rachael gave me, and that the blurb talked about Lucia and Lucius quite explicitly, I was expecting the story to start and focus more on their relationship with Aurelia. The fact the focus of the emotional part of the story was still on Gaius and Aurelia’s love was something I wasn’t expecting, and yet is exactly what Rachael has a knack for doing.

While it’s vastly different to her normal books, it still has all the tell-tale signs of her writing which I love!

For a super short 41 pages, you’ll get a surprising breadth of characters and relationships touched on and explored to some degree.


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