Tamora Pierce – The Circle Universe

Hi all, welcome back to a new series of series reviews! Woohoo!

My mum bought me the first book in this world’s series when I was like 9 or something when I was in the city with her one day. I distinctly remember hating her in that moment for forcing me to read something outside of my normal genres.

In my first attempt of fantasy I really hated it. But luckily a few years later I rediscovered Tamora Pierce through a friend and ended up falling in love with all of her books and went back to reread this one.

To give you an overview, this series follows 4 main characters in the original Circle of Magic series when they are first brought together.

Tris, Briar, Sandry and Daja in The Circle of Magic Source

Over the course of the Circle of Magic, The Circle Opens and The Circle Reforged we see them grow up and into their powers in ways that keep you engaged, interested and riveted.

Sandry, Daja, Briar and Tris all grown up Source

Across all three series we travel across various regions countries as they go on various adventures.

I look forward to exploring this series with you and hearing what you think of these reviews!

2 Replies to “Tamora Pierce – The Circle Universe”

  1. I only just discovered Tamora Pierce late last year and absolutely fell in love with her worlds. The problem being is that it’s a new series and I want to go back and read her previous titles but not entirely sure where to begin. I’m really looking forward to your reviews over the course of the series!

    1. What books of her’s have you read so far? I’m happy to make suggestions on where to start if you’d like.

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