Upon the Midnight Clear – Sherrilyn Kenyon

Hi All, welcome back to another week with another review of the Dark Hunter world. As we get further and further into this world I realise how complex it is. Just like moving out of home for the first time you realise how freeing it it, and then you start to learn about one thing after another that you have to pay for now that you’re living on your own.

I feel like that’s how this series works. As soon as I feel like I can really understand, comprehend and add value (in the form of my own thoughts, feels and assumptions) the story we need to add another layer that takes time for me to comprehend. Given that I first read this series when I was like 20 I felt like it took a few reads to really get the full meaning out of a lot of these stories.

In a lot of ways I feel like this one was a filler book. Just a book Sherrilyn needed to finish to full-fill a contract, I can see looking back at the series as a whole how this added value. Just like with Game Of Thrones when you have an episode totally about the politics how that’s needed to make the massive battle coming in future episodes make sense. You need this book to really grasp the importance of coming books.

So, if you’re a fan of reading books in their intended reading order. No matter how boring a book may seem. Or how unlike the rest of the series they may seem. Make sure you read this one.

I felt like when I got to a later book (I will reveal which one in it’s review) I really understood where it was coming from and how it interacted with the story and the characters as a whole. Not just the ones mentioned in this book.

By pure chance this book is set in Christmas time and I read it during my first Christmas away from my family. So although I felt really sad about this book while reading it, I also really felt for them. And I instantly fell in love with the main guy’s friends when they made an effort to ensure he enjoyed Christmas. Even locked up on his mountain cabin fighting demons.

I left this book with a much more profound impact on my personality than I did on the story itself. I left this really appreciating the time I have to spend with my family. So I make it a habit of calling my dad/ sister to speak to me nieces on their birthday, I try my best to go to all family outings (although I gota admit, with working being as hard as it is and my family constantly doing stuff on laundry day this is really hard sometimes!) to make sure I make the most of my family. Because who knows when that will end.

I don’t know if it’s because of when I first read this book or because of the family feel Sherrilyn gives this book. But I always walk away from this book missing my family. As crazy and annoying as they can be. They are family and I’d like them around me for important occasions.

Even starting this blog, I thought I’d do this just for fun and for me. But thanks to all the support I’ve gotten from family and friends. And of course the authors! I feel like I’ve reached a much wider audience and I appreciate this every day.

Going from the kid who spent my 2 most important summers in full length leg casts and then working full time the next 2 summers. Family and friends support mean A LOT to me. So knowing I have found a new family in a winder community means heaps to me.

So  a special thankyou to you, my readers. I really appreciate you. And I wouldn’t be as excited to bring you new reviews each week if it wasn’t for your enthusiasm that I see through your likes, comments and shares. So please keep this up!

For those of you reading this in your email, I hope you’ll take the time to visit the page so I can see that you’ve read it as I’m always interested to see how far my blog has travelled. Trust me, my partner wishes I’d shut up about the reach of the internet!

Until next time! I hope you enjoyed this review and I’ll see you next week.

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