#23 Son of No One – Sherrilyn Kenyon

Welcome back all, this week’s Dark Hunter novel is actually one of the spin off series “Lord of Avalon” books. I’m not sure which one in that series it is, but I have a feeling it’d be the first one. I will also warn you now, my memory of this one isn’t that great so if I get a few details wrong and you’ve read the book feel free to correct me in the comments!

Now when I read this one it had just come out and I had just found a new job after staying in a job I hated for like a yr while I tried to find another one. Coz just like Jo I had bills to pay and so needed an income. So in terms of feeling pretty bad about your life, I was right there with Jo at this point in time. Also at this point in time I was in the process of moving in with my boyfriend (sounds romantic yea?) as a way to try and save money and pay of my ridiculous debts quickly so I could afford a new car since mine was lucky to start some days. Again, another way I felt like I understood Jo and the disasters that kept happening to her.

So for her to unluckily fall through a mirror into Avalon I almost wished I was in her place as my life felt like it was wildly spinning out of my control. At least that was until we released that Avalon was a hell realm and that she probably wouldn’t be able to escape back to the normal world.

Luckily Cadegan appears and saves her and tries to explain some things about Avalon to her since she has no idea where she is or how she got here. Cadegan being the old school gentleman that he is looks after her and decides to help her try and find a way to escape Avalon since she didn’t belong there in the first place.

This is where my memory get’s a little hazy on what happen’s, but I’m pretty sure they seek help from the an evil king who agrees to help them so long as they can get a list of things by a set deadline. Except during that first night he swaps the souls of Jo and Cadegan so that Jo is in Cadegan’s body and vice versa. Some of the ingredients were ok to get however other’s take a fair bit of work and riddle solving to figure out.

I remember feeling excited because Sherrilyn’s writing style always sucks me in. But I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the others. When reading it I loved it. Once it was finished I just didn’t feel the “awwwww it’s finished already?” feeling that I get when I really love a book. It was gripping throughout and of course Jo and Cadegan find a way out. And if memory serves me correctly it was a genius way out that couldn’t have been achieved without the help of Jo’s family.

Since Cadegan hadn’t been in the human realm for so long Acheron even makes an appearance to help them with a place to stay to help Cadegan transition into living in the human realm full time with Jo. Which is super sweet, but it always gives me a pang how nice Acheron is to those who aren’t Styxx, yet is so awful to him. If you read last weeks review you will understand why I say this.

Anyway, that’s it for another week! I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks post. I will see you back here next week for the next instalment.