Author Interview: Samantha Parks

Today I have a special author interview for you. Rach Random Resources brought the amazing soundingnovel The Summer House in Santorini by Samantha Parks to me but I just couldn’t fit in a review. Why did so many great sounding books have to come on tour all within a few months!

Have a read of the blurb to see why I’m interested!

One summer in Greece will change everything…

Anna’s running away. From a failed relationship, a dead-end career and a complicated family life.

On the island of Santorini, with its picturesque villas, blue-tiled roofs, and the turquoise waters of the Aegean lapping at the white sand beaches, Anna inherits a less-than-picturesque summer house from her estranged father. As she rebuilds the house, she rebuilds her life, uncovering family secrets along the way that change everything. She starts to fall for her little slice of paradise, as well as for gorgeous, charming Nikos.

Will Anna lose her heart in more ways than one?

So moving on to my interview with Samantha!

Hi Samantha, thank you for taking the time to participates in a Q&A for your latest book. I’m hoping we’ll have some fun with our interview.

Q1: What made you want to become a writer?

I’ve always wanted to write! I was one of those kids that immediately dove headfirst into anything if people said I was good at it, and writing was one of those things. But unlike science and horse riding, this one stuck. Two writing degrees and half a dozen unfinished manuscripts later, this one was the one that finally happened.

I know the feeling, but in a different feel. I believe it’s called zest! And I’ve been told that’s a strength.

Q2: What was your family’s reaction when you told them about wanting to be or becoming a published author?

My parents were so proud! Like I said, I’ve been writing with their encouragement for a while, so it was a big team win. My mom is my biggest supporter, and she’s read so many different versions of this book I’m surprised she can keep them straight.

That’s awesome. I can’t image trying to break into a field like writing but I imagine it’d be so much harder without your family there to support you.

Q3: How many stories do you currently have in your head that you’re wanting to, or in the process of writing ?

I have about 6 unfinished manuscripts, outlines for 8, and concepts for nearly a dozen more. A lack of ideas is not an issue I have. Haha.

Wow! That’s a fair few! I imagine those will keep you busy for quite some time still!

Q4: What’s your writing process like?

I’m a major binger, so I’ll write twelve hours a day for three days and then not again for a few days. It’s probably not the healthiest process, but it works for me!

I’m all for doing what’s right for you. I tend to binge my work as well then need a break for a few days. Not that I get that with my 9-5 style job. I’m kind of jealous of you in a way!

Q5: What was your inspiration for The Summer House in Santorini?

My editor suggested I write something set there, but then it was the history of the island itself that inspired me. I talk about it in the first chapter of my book!

That is not what I was expecting!

Q6: Have you spent any time in Santorini?

I haven’t! The book was written entirely from research. I spent a lot of time in Google Street View. I would love to go though and am planning a girls trip to celebrate the paperback release in October!

That must’ve made it hard to write about the place. I feel like you don’t quite get the feel of a place from Google Maps.

Q7: Do you wish you could be a part of your characters worlds?

Yes and no – I would love to live somewhere like Santorini, but I also love how insular their story is, and I would 100% be into Nikos if I were there. Haha!

Yea, it’d be kinda awkward to fall in love with your own character wouldn’t it? Hahaha!

Q8: Are you going to miss Anna and Niko, or will we see them again in the future?

I am going to miss them… but never say never! If the response to the book is positive, it’s always a possibility 🙂

Well hopefully I’ll get a chance to read the book before a sequel comes out!

Time to get a bit more personal now we’ve gotten to know all about your latest book.

Q9: What’s your favourite TV show/movie?

Favourite film is definitely About Time! TV show is harder to place, but Firefly, Buffy and Brooklyn 99 are up there.

I haven’t seen Firefly but I’ve been told it’s up my alley. And I LOVE Brooklyn nine-nine! My partner and I love watching this on a Friday night. It’s a great way to end the week.

Q10: What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you?

While sledding in university, I was out of control on the ice and was hurtling toward someone… who turned out to be the campus chaplain, who was a friend of a friend. When I hit him, I wet myself all over both of us. The best part? He didn’t notice it at the moment. It wasn’t until that summer, when I was in ECUADOR of all places, telling the story at a training dinner for my intern group when everyone was sharing their most embarrassing moments. One of them happened to be friends with his wife, and she told him!

O wow! I wasn’t expecting that when I asked that question! What a way for him to find out!

Q11: Do you have any crazy travel stories? If so, care to share?

One time I was in a small village in a valley in Ecuador with just a few dollars and missed the last bus out that day. We ended up paying a local to drive us up out of the valley in the back of his pickup truck to the main road where we could catch another bus. We sat back there for forty-five minutes in the rain eating bologna and mustard sandwiches. We made the next bus though!

That sounds like crazy in a good way. I always love hearing people’s travel stories, thank you for sharing.

Q12: What’s your party trick?

I can sing the counties of South Carolina in alphabetical order to the tune of Yankee Doodle. It’s not a great one, but it’s all I’ve got.

That’s an interesting party trick. I hope you had some fun answering my questions. Thank you again and good luck with the rest of the tour!

Author Bio

Samantha Parks is the pen name of Sam Gale. Her pen name comes from her late grandmother Velma Hobbs nee Parks, who was one of Sam’s greatest role models. Sam was born in North Carolina but now resides in Bournemouth, UK with her husband Alex. She owns a successful marketing company and is enjoying her slow descent into “crazy plant lady” status.

You can buy the book now!

Don’t forget to check out the reviews coming up so you can really get a feel for the book (I will be checking a few out as well to see what I missed out on!)
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