Rewrite the Stars – Emma Heatherington

Welcome back everyone, you might have noticed that I’ve been slowing down in the Rach Random Resources tours lately. Good news is that that means I can spend more time reading and reviewing books I requested from Netgalley or from my own TBR pile.

The title of this book suggested to me that someone, or multiple someone’s, were going to be trying to re-write their love story or correct a bad choice or set of circumstances that’d happened earlier in their life. In a way, this is right. But in other ways it’s so wrong.

Many of us face the inevitable “what if” question all the time. This book explores that following a single character (Charlotte), her relationships and general life choices over the span of like 10 years. To most people I believe we’d agree that Charlotte made the right choices. But all she can see is the “what if I’d gone with him” and “what if I’d never done this”.

I really liked how Charlotte explored these choices and the impacts they’ve had on her life today. Both in the way that they’ve given her a great life, but also in the ways that she missed out on opportunities to be with her family when they needed it.

Even though things hit a kind of bad patch towards the end, I loved how Charlotte reconnected and found out what would have happened if she’d made a single choice when she was younger. By doing that, it felt like she was able to finally put those questions to bed and follow her dreams, and her heart, to the happily ever after she deserved.

That emotional rollercoaster of what if’s was so easy to relate to that I couldn’t help but feel like I was involved in her decision-making as I read it. Even the way the final decision was written left everything in the air as to what choice she’d made. So much so that I needed to re-read it to make sure I had interpreted it right.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review; on Monday I’ll be reviewing Intimate Strangers by Lasairiona E. McMaster.

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