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Welcome back to another week and what will be my last TBR review before mid-December. This week I’m reviewing a book about a girl who falls for her boss. I will be honest, I finished reading this a few days ago and I’ve already read another book since then so if I’m not as detailed as I normally am that would be why. Sorry about that…

So Charlie is our main girl who is an administration assistant for her dick head of a boss Avery. Avery is demanding, uncompromising, clueless, ambitious, secretive and doesn’t care about crushing others to get what he wants. And our first real introduction to him is him firing Charlie for pulling pranks. Since it doesn’t sound like he’s warned her before, it seems a bit weird that all of a sudden he’s firing her. It really didn’t feel fair and instantly made me dislike him.

Then as we got in we started to learn more and more about him and I realised I’d been wrong. Yes he wanted an amazing corporate job that involved a lot of politics (I honestly hate that stuff myself) so that he could change peoples lives and look after his sister since they didn’t have anyone else. He was paying for her education despite her protests that he stop and ensured she always had birthday presents (they didn’t mention Christmas so I’m not sure).

Charlie on the other hand just wants to get whatever satisfaction she can from pulling pranks on her horrible boss and make enough money to survive. She had some friends that she socialised with and she volunteered at her grandmothers nursing home to supervise dancing classes. Otherwise we know next to nothing about her because she hasn’t revealed anything and no one else really seems to know anything about her. We don’t even know why she isn’t talking to her family, that’s how little we know about her!

As we go through seeing Charlie struggle to juggle Avery’s normal requirements, her sudden attraction to her boss, coming to grips with what was going to happen in a few weeks, finding a new job, avoiding her family and spending time with her grandma we really start to learn more about her. I really enjoyed finding out about her because the more I learnt the more I felt like we were similar. I’ve worked in jobs I’ve hated for bosses I hated, I lost touch with pretty much all my family at one stage of my life along with the struggle of figuring out who you are. I doubt I’m the only one who could relate to these characteristics so it was really good to read about another girl going through these issues and how she dealt with them.

Throughout this time Charlie and Avery have been hooking up with certain limitations on their relationship. For most of that time it felt like they were kidding themselves and that they really did care for each other and so were going to end up together. But right when we think they are going to end up together; Charlie leaves Avery. And the reason why is amazing and one I think very few people take.

She left him to find herself. She left him to figure out what she wanted from life. She left him to ensure that if she chose to go back to him she did it because she truly loved him and it would be for the right reasons. Rather than because she was caught up in the flurry of their emotions and attraction. And I think this is amazing. Reminding us that sometimes we need to put ourselves first and ensure we know ourselves is so important before we jump into a major relationship.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I look forward to seeing you next week for “Vanilla Extract” by Louise Berry while it’s on tour.

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