Mara’s Awakening – Leo Flynn

Mara Keres is a former peacekeeper currently serving time in jail. From what I could tell, she’s not someone who likes seeing weaker people bullied or harassed, she respects authority who plays by the rules and doesn’t like anyone who betrays someone else.

Mara gets released from solitary confinement after six years. On her first day out of solitary, she gets into a fight and somehow ends up getting an unexpected offer. This same offer leads to some surprising action that sets us up for so much more in the coming stories.

The story itself is a good storyline. One I’d love to see it fully explored and where it will go. But as it is, in the short story format, there’s too much going on for just 60 odd pages.

The depth to the five characters that Leo has hinted at really does need longer to fully explore and develop. Leo has mentioned he’s working on a longer version, so I’m really hoping that’ll satisfy me because the frame for this space opera is AMAZING!

I’ll be keeping an eye out for a full version and hopefully I can bring you a review in the future of a fully fleshed out version that satisfies all my sci-fi and space opera needs.

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