After the Party – A.K. Ritchie

This book contains:

  • Descriptions of family violence and the aftereffects
  • Descriptions of potential alcohol abuse
  • Descriptions of the effects of drug abuse.

Peyton is a family violence survivor who escaped her situation to Toronto. She’s a great writer who reviews and discusses local punk bands in her spare time. While she’s confident, happy and expressive in her writing, it’s doesn’t translate to how she interacts with others, even when they seek her opinion.

The story follows Peyton as she begins to find her feet in Toronto after leaving her abusive family home. While she’s involved in a relationship, her confidence is no better than it was when she left home, however, with the new friends and professional growth she’s making, this slowly changes.

As it changes, Peyton is faced with new challenges that she needs to learn to navigate. And we get to join her on this journey.

While I don’t often read books that are fiction, and this has an element of romance to it, I definitely place this more in the fiction pile than romance pile.

Rather than the core of the story being about Peyton finding love, it’s about her finding herself, growing and becoming the woman she was destined to be. The slow and gradual growth that we get to follow along over the course of a few months is realistic and draws you in.

There’s nothing sudden about what changes for Peyton, but it’s also obvious enough that you know it’s inevitable. So, when it happens, you get this feel-good moment, alongside some other little things that happen that just felt right as well.

I enjoyed the fact that it brought to life the impacts domestic violence can have on the individuals involved as well as those around them, not to mention the discussion of how drugs and alcohol effect people. And of course the daily struggles of trying to find your place in the world, leave your mark and be successful.

After the Party – A.K. Ritchie

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The last thing Peyton Young expects on New Year’s Eve is literally crashing into the lead singer of her favourite local band, Forever July. Chase Reid knows her name, that she wrote the not so flattering blog post about his band, and he wants her opinion on their new song. Their exchange, while brief, kindles an unlikely friendship and opens up Peyton to new friends and an unexpected turn for her blog, Eternal Spin.

As Chase and Peyton’s feelings for each other develop, Peyton can’t help but wonder how she fits into Chase’s world. While it makes things more complicated, it’s not just Peyton’s toxic boyfriend and Chase’s perfect girlfriend standing between them. The insecurities that followed her from the past have Peyton trapped in a loop of self doubt that could jeopardize what she has with Chase.

Just as Peyton gathers the courage to make a choice that will change the direction of her life, a figure from her former life appears, forcing her to confront the memories she tried for years to bury.

Can Peyton face down the demons from her youth that whisper she isn’t good enough for Chase Reid? A man whose entire career is unfolding before him. Or will she let the old fears drag her down before she can take her chance at happiness?

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Author Bio

A.K. Ritchie hails from a small city in Ontario, Canada. She loves writing contemporary fiction with a focus on Romance and Coming-of-Age stories. The music she loves influences most of what she writes.

When not writing in coffee shops or curled up in her bed scrolling through social media, A.K. Ritchie enjoys seeing live music, spending time in nature, going on road trips, all of which inspire her work.

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