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Welcome back to another week of Dark Hunters. In this weeks book we will be following Sundown (Jess Brady, you might remember him from Zarak’s book right near the start of the series) and Abigail. Sundown and Abigail are fated to be together, but also for Sundown to die before he can actually marry Abigail. And that death is because Abigail dared chose Sundown over some other cocky ass hole.

Reading through this book I kinda felt like there was a third wheel to  their love story because Ren seems to be there the whole way through. And not in a sidekick kinda way either. This book felt like it was an action book first and a romance book second. And I feel like as we progress through the series this happens more and more often. I’m  not sure if it’s because Sherrilyn got bored of writing just romance or whether the series was always meant to take a turn more towards action the whole time.

I’m not saying I didn’t like it. This series was my first kinda foray into the “romance” genre after growing up reading series that were fantasy action based with a dash of romance thrown in every so often. So for me knowing that there was more to these books than just the “happily every after” is what made it for me. It’s what draws me back every time. I can enjoy a romance book that is purely romance, but without the character and world development I get bored. So Sherrilyn’s ability to balance both really appeals to me.

Back to the storyline, be prepared to be on the edge of your seat the whole time. With the evil guys opening plagues onto Las Vegas that is sure to kill everyone, and crazy scary shit chasing our main crew while they desperately race to some hidden valley before their time runs out and all the plagues are stuck on earth; you definitely feel the adrenaline the whole way through reading this one. While also sitting there going “how are these guys still alive?!” And I’m not joking. Several times I had to remind myself there needed to be a happily ever after which explained why they survived.

But I kinda wish more authors could be like George R. R. Martin and be willing to kill off main characters that people fall in love with just to throw some spice into it. Sometimes I get bored reading books where the heroes ALMOST dead only to sit there going “yea well they haven’t won the girl yet so I know they will survive” which kills the adrenaline and kinda kicks you out of your absorbed state. And there were a few moments like that in this book.

O and coz I don’t think I’ve mentioned this. I love the fact that this book focuses on the native American tribal mythology rather than the European mythology. It made for a nice change of pace which I quite enjoyed because I can’t say I know much about their history or culture.

I will leave it at that for this week and I look forward to seeing you next week.

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