Reindeer Readathon – Week 3 Update

Today’s update is really short because I haven’t finished a single book this week!

This is abnormal for me since I’ve been finishing close to 2 books a week all year. But it was also my last week at the job I’ve had all year so I was driving in rather than getting the bus so lost 2 hours a day of reading time just from driving instead. And because it was my last week everyone wanted to do farewell lunches and things which meant I lost that 30 mins too!

I tried to pump out as much of the book I’ve been reading yesterday but I had too much energy to sit and read all day. Plus my partner wanted to watch I, Tonya and another episode of The Witcher so I spent some time in front of the TV.

Although I DID finish a puzzle I started like 18 months ago! With my study I had no time to work on it like all yr but I was able to get back into it about a month ago and I’ve now finished it!

Let’s just say I thought I was missing a few pieces for ages coz I couldn’t find the pesky little things. Slowly but surely I managed to work my way through the gaps. And then horrified my partner by packing it all away once I took this pic. Apparently he doesn’t understand that once you finish a puzzle you take it apart so you can do a different one. Or redo this one in the future.



Don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comments below!

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