Mine to Five

Tara September

Contemporary Romance
‘Tis the season for an office romance! Working beyond nine to five and barely getting by, Melanie Thomas is eager to celebrate the impending holiday season and to toast the start of her dream marketing job over drinks with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, he has different plans—like seeing other women. Indulging in a pity party with tequila, Melanie confides in a sexy stranger at the bar. It’s almost Christmas, one night of letting go won’t hurt anything, right? Turns out it just might—when the stranger is her new boss. Determined to succeed at her job, Melanie won’t be scared away. This is her chance, even if her hot boss has her feeling all merry and bright and wishing for a less than professional relationship. Matthew Ryans is burned out and on thin ice at the company he helped build unless he gets his head back in the game. Yet, his head, both upper and lower, are quickly becoming obsessed with his new assistant. Still, he can’t seem to fully begrudge Melanie’s distracting presence and the Christmas joy she brings with it. Especially considering that her enthusiasm has him reenergized. For once, he is longing for Mondays, but with his heart and job on the line he can’t risk blurring the lines no matter how strong the lure of holiday mistletoe is. Will their holiday passion be able to fuel mutual career success, or will it only get in their way in the New Year?

Welcome back everyone, it’s a bit of a jump going from the fantasy world of Eon to Christmas in New York.

My second Christmas romance for the season and boy was it short, fun and at times steamy!

In just 175 pages we went from Melanie and Joe breaking up, meeting Matthew, working with Matthew, breaking out the office romance, meeting the family, Christmas and New Years eve. Within that time, they obviously have to go through a rough patch and get back together for there to be a happy ending.

The whole story did feel a tad rushed, but what do you expect for only 175 pages? The whole point of this kind of novel is to give you a quick, dirty, fun, emotional rollercoaster of a story that you can enjoy in less than a day (depending on how quickly you read). For that kind of story, this is PERFECT!

I read this in one day while I was waiting for a morning while I waited for clients to get back to me and enjoyed it so much. I was able to laugh at all the right moments and generally enjoyed getting to know each character and seeing their relationship develop.

My only fault with this is that for “adults” it felt way too quick to get together. I think I would’ve preferred it being set starting earlier in the year so that the main romance part could still play out fairly similar, just with longer times between interactions. That way it’d feel less fake and more real while still giving us all the good vibes!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review; on Friday I’ll be reviewing Tempted by Zoe Ashwood. Continue to read further down to find out about the author and any extra giveaways available.

Author Bio

Tara September is a multi-award-winning contemporary romance author living in Southwest Florida. Blogger and former PR executive for The Walt Disney Company, Tara holds a Master’s degree in journalism & communications from New York University. For over a decade, Tara has penned a popular lifestyle, travel and parenting blog at TaraMetBlog.com

An avid romance reader though, she has been daydreaming about being an author since she was a kid. Dozens of bad dates and adventures later, she still finds it impossible that she met her husband on a NYC subway. They now have identical twin boys and four cats underfoot/on her laptop/everywhere. Fueled by an IV of green tea and an outrageous stock of champagne, she’s finally writing the happily ever after tales she’s been dreaming about.


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