Kellyn Thompson

In addition to writing fiction, Kellyn Thompson loves psychology, reading, going for walks, and cuddling with cats and dogs. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two cats.

How I found Kellyn's books

Kellyn reached out to me to ask me to review her debut book. After reading that one, I knew I needed to read the sequel so I JUMPED on the chance to read that too!

Why you should read Kellyn's books

Kellyn’s new world is vibrant, interesting and unique in a way I don’t think I’ve ever read before. If you enjoy a mix of genres that blend together into an amazing story, you’ll enjoy her books. 

What Kellyn writes about

I don’t even know how to classify the genre Kellyn writes in. It’s like an alternate future, with a little bit of dystopian, some interesting science fiction, some action AND some romance! 

But it also doesn’t feel like it fits properly into any of these genres. 

My chat with Kellyn

1. What drew you to writing novels?

I like reading novels, and I love the idea of learning about an idea or philosophy through fiction. The indirect way of expressing an idea through a story gets the creative juices flowing for both the writer and the reader. In addition to being on the reader side of that process, I wanted to be a part of that as a writer and creator, too.

4. What drew you to science fiction?

I have a strong science background, especially in biology, genetics, and psychology. While I love studying science in reality, it’s fun for me to think about impossible (at least with the way things are now) scenarios and situations and imagining how they would affect characters and their lives. One of my favorite questions to ponder is “What if?” And science fiction is all about answering that question.

6. What is your greatest writing achievement?

Finishing and moving on! I have way too many projects and stories that have notes or drafts, but actually completing a piece is a huge accomplishment for me, personally. I too easily go down the revision rabbit hole of continually making little changes, so any time I actually finish and say, “It’s done,” is a great achievement as far as I’m concerned.

2. What is your aim with your writing?​

I want to encourage others to think about the world around them in a way they haven’t before and to explore alternative perspectives. Hopefully I achieve that in an entertaining way. Bonus points if I inspire people to write and share the stories they have in their heads, too.

3. How would you describe the genre you write in?

Mostly Science Fiction.

5. How do you decide what stays in your books when editing?

If it doesn’t help to develop the character or push the plot forward, it’s out.


The Unexpected Inlander


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