Good Vibes – Lasairiona E. McMaster

This book contains:

  • Erotic sex scenes
  • References to a previous kidnapping
  • References to drug and alcohol abuse.

This is an anthology of short stories with a common theme, vibrators.

In a world where so much is accepted, this one thing is generally considered taboo, dirty or otherwise insinuates that a guy is lacking in the bed department. So Lasairiona decided to write an anthology of short stories focusing on this one little thing to show everything how awesome they can be.

The short stories have a wide range of themes and tropes meaning that you get to experience a bit of everything, so long as they include toys.

The way each author wove them into the stories was awesome. Some were quite obvious how they’d play a part; others were a bit more subtle, yet artfully executed.

Generally, I find it hard to get into short stories that don’t form part of a wider series, but these were excellent!

They each had their own beginning, middle and end that wrapped things up nicely. The artform of being able to do that is a rare skill I believe.

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