All of My Days

Lasairiona E. McMaster

Lisa Miller
Contemporary Romance
After a dramatic will-they-won’t-they whirlwind romance – the Williams’ have figured it out, at last! AJ is finally divorced from Britt and Lisa has taken the plunge and moved thousands of miles away from home to live with her new husband and their new-born daughter, Olivia. Attempting to navigate the waters of being both newlyweds and new parents in their ‘happily ever after’, Lisa and AJ adjust to their new life together in Alabama. Will AJ ever put his laundry in the laundry basket and not next to it? Will Lisa ever adjust to the land of sweet tea and under-boob sweat? Will their lives forevermore be about poop?

Lisa and AJ are back for the final instalment in Lisa’s series. Lisa has recently given birth to Olivia, and they’ve finally gotten their new house set up, but Lisa is feeling overwhelmed with all the changes she’s experienced in such a short time span.

AJ however, he’s being the rockstar new dad helping Lisa out in any way he can.

As a short story final instalment to wrap up Lisa’s series, it was the perfect ending. It summed up their relationship so well, including how much Lisa internalises her self-doubts. AJ not only did more than I think a lot of new dads have done for the mothers of their children, but he also went above and beyond to try and make Lisa feel as good as possible.

While I found some of his attempts hilarious (coming from a woman’s perspective), they were sweet and well intentioned and that’s all that matters for new parents.

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