About Me

Hi All,

Welcome to my blog Proud Book Reviews!

I’m a 27 year old woman from Melbourne, and I love to read. So much so that I want to share my thoughts and feelings with others about the books that I read.

Early in 2017 I discovered BookBub which sends me emails daily emails suggesting books that range in price from $0-$3. The books they reccommend each day are based off of the genre’s and author’s I listed that I liked. In one year of receiving these daily notifications I have purchased over 300 books and so it’s become my goal to work my way through each of these books.

As I read each of these books, I’m picking them based on their titles and am therefore going into each book blind as to what type of book I will be reading.

As you go through my blog I’d like you to keep in mind that this won’t be a typical book review blog. I will be reviewing my emotional reactions to each book and will therefore be writing some parts of the book that may have spoilers in them if you haven’t yet read the book.

I will be reviewing books as I read them, however at times I may also share my feelings about books I’ve read in the past. As I read one book a week roughly, I will be releasing 1 post a week. However, if I find that I have a number of posts ready to be published I may release bonus posts for you to enjoy reading!

My ultimate goal with this blog is to keep track of what I’ve read so if I can’t pick a new book or want to re-read a book I’ve read before but can’t remember the name I can refer back to these notes, thoughts and feelings. However, I hope these can help you discover new aspects of books you haven’t discovered yet or stimulate conversations you haven’t yet had about these books.

All of my reviews will be my own opinion, but I’d love to hear if you agree or disagree with anything that I write.

Thank-you, and I hope you enjoy reading my reviews.

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